This FAQ is specially for Global (English) server players, especially those who have not played the Japan server. If you are brand new, make sure to also read Beginner’s GuideBasic Tips for Beginners, and More Gameplay Tips (but ignore the new features that are not in Global server yet).

What’s the difference?

First of all, different servers mean they are almost like different games. Friend/Plaza ID on one server will not work on the other server, and event times are different. Sometimes, even events, stats, etc. can be different in different servers of the same game.

Every post on this site was written for the Japan server, which started in April 2016. Since then, it has gotten many patches and upgrades and different types of events.

Global server started in January 2017. Currently, its first two weeks are exactly the same as Japan server’s first two weeks, so most players think it will continue to ‘copy’ how Japan server pushed out events and updates. This may change, though.

Using our site

Our website can give you an idea of what the ‘future’ events and updates are like, but you need to understand that new features announced in, for example, August 2016, when Japan server is 4-month old, will probably not be in 1-month old Global server yet. If Enel is available in Japan server this week, Global may not have it yet for some months. The general rule is: anything you read here that you don’t see in Global server, will (probably) be coming in future.

If you leave a question in the comments anywhere else on this site, please specify if you are on the Global server, or we’ll give you answers for Japan server, that are probably useless to you.

Differences in terminology

We will use Global terms in this post but the rest of the site will continue to use the terms we have been using for the Japan server. Check this if you don’t understand a term.

Global terms : Japan (Momugi) terms

  • Fighter : Vanguard
  • Assassin : Ambusher
  • Mid-Range : Middle Guard
  • STR : combined stats
  • Cure-All : Panacea


These weekly (personal) recommendations are based on our playing experience, for reference only. Our personal stance is to go for characters you love from the manga/anime, and this is just for players concerned about wasting time/rainbow coins in their quest to become competitive in this game.

Global event this week:

Fame Event: Pirate’s King Right Hand Man Rayleigh

Worth farming for?
Generally, we recommend farming everyone to 6*, it’s not a lot of effort, and there are always 5-man Supports added to the game later, so you  may suddenly need a character (preferably at 6*+) to serve in Support.

  • Rayleigh is a high DPS Wind unit worth getting. Buggy is optional being one of the weaker Fire units.

Worth pulling for?

  • Only if you really want Rayleigh’s (or Buggy’s?). Buggy is not really used as a unit, so pulling on this banner if you only want Rayleigh’s could be very disappointing.


Next week:

Global has started changing the order of events from Japan server.



Who do I re-roll for?

Re-roll doesn’t give you a big advantage in OPTS, so you can go ahead and skip it. If you want to have the advantage though, go for one or some of these:

  • Multiple 5* scene (stat) cards to give your units higher stats
  • Chopper’s Special Ability “Cure-All”, that heals all 6 members in battle
  • If an event is going on, the S.A. of the event character (depending)

What do I do in the beginning?

You want a 6* unit equipped with leveled scene cards to clear event stages well. Preferably have max Luck on the 6* unit too.

To level scene cards, simply farm for food during your power-up quest hours, and the last story mode island (currently Dressrosa, with more to come) also tends to drop food cards. Then evolve them to level up further.

For the 6* unit, you need to farm medals in the correct stages.

When done with events, always farm evolve materials. You need them to get level 100 cards to equip, and gold evolve materials are very rare drops. As a bonus, you can get a lot of beli from selling excess evo cards, which you can’t do later on when evo cards get their own bag space.

Who do I farm?

Everyone, if you can. Generally, having many characters at 6* will give you the most benefit. The game actually encourages you to get every character to 6* later on. Read about the Support System, Storm Character (later Storm Faction), and Challenge Quests to find out why.

Don’t be too stressed though, the medals drop rate become better later on (you can easily 6* a new unit in one day, mostly on auto-battle), and there will also be All-Medals to help you in weeks when you are too busy to farm.

Having said that, this is obviously difficult in the beginning, and we suggest that:

  1. Go through story mode till you unlock Event Island.
  2. Farm the current event character(s) to 6*, or as high as you can, even if it’s just on normal mode.
  3. Give them your best high level stat cards to farm the next event better.
  4. Only do story mode when you have time leftover. If you have Pre-TS Chopper’s Special Ability Panacea, definitely farm him to 6*.

This is because story mode units (Pre-TS Strawhats and Rebecca) generally have low stats compared to event characters.

If you are really short of time and never seem to get the event character(s) to 6* in the one-week event, then do the slow but sure method instead:

  1. Skip maxing the event characters for now (just clear what you can for the coin reward).
  2. Pick one story mode unit (if without Panacea, we suggest Usopp or Rebecca), spend the time to 6* them, since there is no time limit. You can also take your time to raise their Luck to max when your event is done.
  3. Give them your best high level stat cards to farm the next event better.
  4. With the 6* unit and good cards, you can usually do Very Hard mode (in co-op) without issue.
  5. Get a event unit to 6* and use that as your main instead. Your 6* story mode unit will not be used in battle anymore, but can serve in Support later.

Which stat cards to level up?

Generally, any card 3* and below can be sold (until you receive the patch for Type levels, where they will become useful as Type exp fodder). 5* usually have the best stats, but a few 4* are better than some weak 5* cards. Synergy Boost adds very little stats, so you can ignore it for now.

The card database (here), made by a player, will help you: the leftmost column is a ranking of the card based on its total stats. Click on that heading to sort by rank. It includes scene cards that are not yet in Global server of course. Just go down the sorted list and if you own a card that is fairly high in ranking, go ahead and level it.

Tip: Faction cards will outclass good regular stat cards later on, but we only get about  one Faction card a week so far. You still need good stat cards for high Type levels (upgraded Synergy Boost) later on. You also want good stat cards on your Support characters later, and there are 5 of them, so don’t worry too much about leveling cards that become ‘useless’ when you get better ones later — they can go on your Supports while the new best ones go on your main fighters.

Which gacha to pull on?

Generally, Fest Events and Fame Events have good units worth pulling for, and comes with a discount. You can also use our Character Rankings and Weekly Event-Based Recommendation as reference to decide.

Friend point gacha?

You get max 500 Friend Point (FP) a day from playing co-op. FP Gacha will not have event cards, but contain some of the best 5* stat cards. They also come with story mode (mostly 2YA) units’ Special and Skill cards. There has been no event/bonus for the FP Gacha so far, so go ahead and pull when you feel like it.

Global’s FP Gacha has very good 5* rates. Japan’s FP Gacha rates were terrible from day 1.

When will ____ event come?

Check the character’s tag and subtract from April 2016.



We played Japan server from day 1 on iOS and Android. The loading times between screens and connection were poor, but we hardly see people complained about the battle lagging at all.

On Global it seems like the Android port was done poorly resulting in the battle lagging badly and worse loading times. You just have to wait for them to fix it.

Seems to have been fixed, mostly.

Other than the lag, being different games with different coding, the bugs you get will be usually different as well.

Facebook/Twitter Linking

We only had One-Time PIN at the beginning months. Facebook linking was 2 months later, and Twitter was added another 4 months later. One-Time PIN was then removed.

Global seems to get FB linking from launch, but it seems to still be bugged and not working for most players.

STR Calculation

STR calculation went through two changes on Japan server. With the current calculations, the STR in Japan server can go above 200,000.

In Global, it is still using the first calculation (which was never officially explained), where STR does not reflect the stats your units have:

The max combined stats is at 90,000, achieved with any seven Lv 100 (rainbow) cards equipped, plus two level 10 Skills and one level 10 S.A. (also at Lv 100). Equip ten Lv 100 (rainbow) cards without Skills or S.A. and your STR will be 75,000.

It is not a very accurate representation of a unit’s strength (which depends on the stats at this point). Just equip your best stat cards with some skills you use to fight well.


In July 2016, everyone got their bag increased to 500 spaces, no further upgrades allowed. Players got refunded the coins they had spent on upgrading the bag. If Global does it the same way, you should upgrade your bag right away for convenience. However, until it is announced on Global, no one can guarantee it will be the same, so take your own risk.

Skill damage

Skill (including Special Attack) damage only got their deserved boost in July 2016. Until you get this update, regular attacks actually tend to do more damage (per second) compared to Skills and Specials. (Tip: try playing a team of 3 Snipers with 10 top stat cards, no Skills)

Dodge and Type Action

Dodge and Type Action were added to Japan server in December 2016. Global server may not get it for some months and we know it’s annoying — we put up with it for 8 months — but you just have to wait.

Until Dodge is added, just keep tapping in the opposite direction of the attack when it’s coming to run away from it. You can also turn Auto off for a while to run away from an attack without auto running back immediately.

  • Prepare for Support System. You want 5 units at 6* in each Type, especially Vanguard and Warrior, to get good stat boost. If you care about maximizing Lucky Bonus, they should be at max Luck on top of being 6*.
  • Prepare for skill damage boostLevel up your Skill level. They seem weak now but do great damage after the patch. Special Attacks are the same. For now you can use duplicate S.A. cards as stat cards, then fuse when they are patched.
  • Save your coins for the S.A. you really want. In the late game, you depend on high level Special Attack to deal huge damage. To raise S.A. level, you need to fuse the same S.A. cards (or use Kureha cards, a later addition to Fame event, and very hard to earn), so having duplicates of one S.A. card is better than having many different S.A. cards.
  • Prepare for Type levels. The upgraded version of Synergy Boost on Global server, it’s weak now so you can ignore it, but will get a boost later to become important. Keep good 4 and 5* cards of each Type.


We don’t play Global, so let us know if we missed anything! If you have more information on Global server that we don’t have, feel free to submit your own article as a Contributor.

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