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The Gacha in OPTS is pretty straightforward. It begins with listing the premium Gacha(s). A single pull costs 5 rainbow coins. Using 50 coins often gets you 11 cards, but the bonus may vary. The date and time the Gacha will end is also written, so make sure that you don’t miss out on the Gacha you want. The coin Gacha often has a base guarantee of having a pool of only 3-star or higher rarity cards. Cards are usually added to the pool permanently. Carrds of seasonal costumed characters (e.g. Vday ’17, Wedding ’17) are the exception, made only available during certain periods/pickups. Because the pool is so diluted, it is still best to pull when the card(s) you want are newly released, or wait for when the character is a pickup/featured in a future gacha.

You can buy coins with real money in the Shop, and there are shortcuts to edit your party with your new cards or return to the Plaza you were in. The gacha regulations are there as part of Japan laws on IAP Gacha.

ETA: A Gacha readme has appeared on the Gacha page to state that if you have not gotten a 5-star card from the coin Gacha after “a certain amount of pulls”, the “original rates” of 5-star will increase slightly and those of 3- and 4-star will decrease proportionately. Once you receive a 5-star, the “original rates” will reset to normal.

What is important is the List of cards that shows you all the cards in the current gacha and the respective rates. You can press and hold each icon to see the details of the card. There is also a disclaimer that, among the same rarity tier, the rate can actually be different (i.e. card A may be more common than card B even if both are 5-star).



Step-Up Gacha

Step-Up Gachas are banners where you get different bonuses at each ‘step’. Like actual steps, you need to climb the 1st step before you can climb the 2nd step. The final step usually has the best bonus (e.g. 1 coin for 10 cards, or guaranteed new 5* SA), as a reward for completing all the steps. Usually, you can only complete the steps once.

One example of a step-up gacha:

  • Step 1: 50 coins for 11 cards, guaranteed 1 4* SK/SA
  • Step 2: 30 coins for 11 cards, guaranteed 1 4*/5* SA

Bonus and Guarantees

Multipull in premium (coin) gachas often come with bonus such as 1 extra card, and/or guarantee a random 4* skill card. Sometimes, the pool will only have cards of certain types that are the same as the featured characters (e.g. in a Jinbei and Chopper gacha, all the cards in the pool are Vanguard and Supporter types).

Sometimes, a gacha will guarantee a good card (e.g. 5* SA) if you do a multipull. These gachas will not have the single-pull option. Make sure not to wrongly choose the regular premium gacha banner if you were looking for the guaranteed banner.

Guaranteed gachas are often Step-Up gachas, where each ‘step’ gives you different bonus or guarantees, with the last step being the best guarantee. These gachas also do not have the single-pull option, and are often marked with “1/4” or “2/4” to indicate which step you are on.

Friend-Point (FP) Gacha

You gain 20 FP each time you play co-op with another player (30 FP if they are your Friend or Ally), capped at 500 a day. Unlike the coin gacha, you do not get to see the pool or enjoy bonus if you pull 10 at a time. Players have reported getting anything from 1-star to 5-star regular scene card (albeit very, very rare). Each pull costs 50 FP and if you have 500 FP or more, you can pull 10 at a go, or up to the amount of FP you have. To date, there has been no campaign/bonus relating to FP Gacha.

Understanding what you got

This is for beginners who sometimes get confused. On your Gacha result screen, if you see a small icon on the bottom right of the card, this card has a skill or Special of someone attached to it. Otherwise, it’s just a regular scene card and its main purpose is to give stats boost to your character. For more details, see Scene Cards.

A 4-star Special card for Luffy and a regular 5-star card


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6 Responses

  1. Blightpaw says:

    Is the cap still in place? Do you get fp for playing with the same people? I plan to multi box which can stack up 60 fp a run so if I can just stack it up then even better.

  2. Zoro says:

    Can we get the secret technic cards with the FP? Or it has to be with coins?

  3. Newbie player says:

    May I ask, is a 5* Skill card better (since I can later upgrade the card to 7*) or a 4* regular card? (since there will better (?) stats even though it can only upgrade to 6* )

    Assuming the skill and regular card are Sniper class and I use it on a character that is a Sniper but does not have that skill.

    • Shu says:

      Skill card are 4* base at highest, I assume you mean 5* SA cards. It can depend on the individual cards being compared, but 7* SA cards generally have better stats than a 6* scene card (from 4* base).

      At end game, 4* regular scene cards are almost only used as fodder to feed into 5* scene cards for Type levels.

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