25 June 2016 15:00 ~ 3 July 23:59

You can farm the medals and skill cards of Ace and Kizaru during this event. Additionally, the medals and cards of NW Luffy, NW Zoro and Pre-TS Law are also available.

Ace and Kizaru are also part of June’s Storm Characters.


  • Type: Sniper
  • Attack: Fire
  • Auto-Skill: Adds burn to his regular attacks

Hiken – Turns his fist into flames and launches it as a column of fire that plows through almost anything. Fire damage, Burn effect.

For other Auto-Skills, check here or the character tags.

Check the event’s missions here.

  1. Limited-time Quest: Fateful Battle! Admiral Akainu
    25 June 15:00 ~ 1 July 23:59
    Available medal: Ace
  2. Limited-time Quest: The Threat is Near! Admiral Kizaru
    27 June 15:00 ~ 3 July 23:59
    Available medal: Kizaru

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