Fest Event: Thank You for 2017

The 7th Fest Event will begin on 21 December at 15:00 and end on 31 December 14:59.

The featured characters are:

What’s New

Great Hunt Super GoriRush (VH) will begin on 28th December 19:00. The enemies will be tougher, but there’s a chance of getting 6* evolve materials from defeating Treasure Buggy. The Great Hunt Super GoriRush (VH) hours are the same as the GoriRush hours.


Login Bonus

All players will receive 30 Rainbow Coins when Fest Event begins, and 3 Rainbow Coins daily from 21 Dec 15:00 to 31 Dec 14:59.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island will be opened during Fest period. There are 3 phases, so make sure to collect the first-clear rewards for each phase.

Gacha Theatre
  • Fest Start Gacha (21/12 ~ 31/12): All 10 units’ newest SA have higher rates in this banner. It costs  30 Rainbow Coins. You can only pull once, and one 4* (or above) SA is guaranteed.
  • There are 5 phases, all beginning and ending at 15:00. The first multi of each phase costs 30 coins, and it’s is guaranteed to include one SA card (4* or above) of either one of the featured character. You can do this once per phase.
  • For every regular multi-pull, you get 11 cards, and it’s guaranteed to include 1 skill (or Special card)
  • If you get a gold (5*) card, it is guaranteed to be a Special or EX Special card (i.e. gold stat cards are removed from this gacha) of one of the Rate-Up units.
  • Increased rates for different character cards in each phase.

Big/Rate-up is for the newest SA of the character unless otherwise stated.

  1. 21~23 Dec
    Big Rate-Up: Big Mom, Reiju
    Rate-Up: Judge, Smoker, Vivi with Carue
  2. 23~25 Dec
    Big Rate-Up: Luffy (NW), Sanji (NW)
    Rate-Up: Luffy (Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka), Sanji (Poêle à Frire: Spectre), Whitebeard (Ikki Tousen)
  3. 25~27 Dec
    Big Rate-Up: Shanks, Blackbeard
    Rate-Up: Blackbeard (Kurouzu), Shanks (Red Sword Dance), Big Mom (“Croquembou~~che!”)
  4. 27~29 Dec
    Big Rate-Up: Aokiji, Akainu
    Rate-Up: Akainu (Ryuusei Kazan), Aokiji (Ice Age), Whitebeard (Ikki Tousen)
  5. 29~31 Dec
    Big Rate-Up: Whitebeard, Sabo
    Rate-Up: Whitebeard (Ikari no Kobushi), Sabo (Flame Dragon King), Big Mom (“Croquembou~~che!”)
Are you pulling this banner?

Yes, for Big Mom
Yes, for Reiju
Yes, for Luffy
Yes, for Sanji
Yes, for Shanks
Yes, for Blackbeard
Yes, for Aokiji
Yes, for Akainu
Yes, for Whitebeard
Yes, for Sabo
No. I’ll save for another banner.

New Unit(s)/Skin(s)
  • Big Mom
    Auto-skill: Less likely to be knocked back by attacks. Eats snacks and recovers HP as part of her regular attacks.

New SA(s)

Big Mom

“Croquembou~~che!” (EX)
Great Bash damage (range: surrounding, wide) as she charges ahead attacking everything in her path. Becomes Invincible (effect time: big).


Ikki Tousen (EX Voiced)

Great Special damage (range: straight, wide) as he mows down enemies with huge slashing attacks.

Storm Bonus

All 10 Event Characters (and their costumed versions) are Storm Characters.


All Storm Characters will gain a 20% boost in HP and Attack stats when you use them in the event’s quests.


You get extra Storm loot for clearing stages with a Storm Character. Bring two Storm Characters and double the bonus loot!



To be updated.

Alliance Missions

Phase 1: From event day 1


  1. Clear GoriRush Quest (VH) using a party of only members of your alliance 25 times
    Reward: 20 Emeralds
  2. Clear GoriRush Quest (VH) 100 times (clears with parties including non-alliance members will also count)
    Reward: 20 Emeralds
  3. Clear GoriRush Quest (VH) 200 times (clears with parties including non-alliance members will also count)
    Reward: 20 Emeralds
  4. 5 alliance members need to clear VS Quest (VS Mihawk) (clears with parties including non-alliance members will also count)
    Reward: 15 Emeralds
  5. 10 alliance members need to clear VS Quest (VS Mihawk) (clears with parties including non-alliance members will also count)
    Reward: 15 Emeralds

Toughest Event

“The Strong’s Pursuit” is a Toughest Event that will begin with the Fest and end on 15 Jan 23:59. Rainbow Coins cannot be used to revive here. Quests will become unlocked every few days:

  • Phase 1 (21 Dec)
  • Phase 2 (24 Dec)
  • Phase 3 (28 Dec)
  • Phase 4 (8 Jan)

First-clear rewards include new Faction cards (4* x2 and 5* x1), and a new 5* stat card featuring Akainu.

Event characters get 50% boost in HP and Attack in these stages.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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16 Responses

  1. Ayoub_Alkhazmi says:

    Thanks for translating this! i really appreciate the work you guys so on this site.

  2. OpLover says:

    Oh i didnt know that, this gonna be fest event. Rip my coins. I spend them to 30 coin starter gacha. Anyway i have 7 now and i will do shanks and bb 🙁

  3. Swagkage says:


  4. dkun says:

    Just to be clear we have only 1 30coin gacha for the whole fast?
    And with every character phase is the regular 50coin pull?

  5. hirako77 says:

    i play the jp version of this game how can i evolve my characters to 8 star ?

  6. Dave says:

    Funny. Thanks for 2017, damn Bandai Namco. Trash company that doesn’t care if cheaters get all the rewards and just screws over normal players all the time.

    Nice idea to ban players from joining an alliance for three bloody days when they forcefully get kicked out of their old one. Those developers really have shit for brains.

    Farmed the Special Hour quest for two hours a day and always did the Boss and Assault quests for some random Alliance I got invited into, just to get kicked out without any announcement. And now I can’t even join another Alliance to grind the Emerald rewards for the current event? What kind of idiot thought it was a good idea to punish someone for getting kicked out of an Alliance for no reason? And why does that Alliance in return get no penalty?
    Probably the same idiot who doesn’t think that people who bot their way into the top 3000 during ranking events deserve a ban.

    That shit company Bandai Namco better thank all those people they’ve been ripping off in 2017. Incompetent band of greed-driven monkeys.

    • Belix says:

      Hi Dave, yes the guild system is terrible. Sorry that you had to go through that.

      We have one open space in our Alliance, nobody talks there (everyone joined randomly) but we can promise you that we won’t kick you without notice.

      If you are interested, just drop us your ID when your ban is over.

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