Fest Event: Challenge the Whitebeard Pirates Coalition!

The 4th Fest Event will begin on 21 March 2017 at 15:00 and end on 31 March 15:00.

The featured characters are:

  1. Akainu
  2. Hancock
  3. Moria
  4. Marco
  5. Kizaru
  6. Enel
  7. Doflamingo
  8. Magellan
  9. Sengoku

You can farm for medals and skill cards of featured characters, and their cards will have a boosted rate in the Fest Gacha.

New Character(s)


Type: Warrior
Attack: Fire
Auto-Skill: Add Burn to regular attacks.


Login Bonus

To celebrate Thousand Fest, players will receive 30 Rainbow Coins on their first login between 21 March 15:00 to 31 March 23:59.


21 March 2017 15:00 ~ 31 March 23:59

  • One-time-only multi-pull bonus! For 30 coins, you can pull for 11 cards, and it’s guaranteed to include at least 1 silver (4*) skill (including Special) card. You can do this one time per phase.
  • If you get a gold (5*) card, it is guaranteed to be a Special card (i.e. gold stat cards are removed from this gacha).
  • Increased rates for different character cards in each phase.
  • There are 5 phases, all beginning and ending at 15:00:
  1. 21~23 Mar
    Big Rate-Up: Akainu
    Rate-Up: Lucci (Rokuogan), Jinbei, Crocodile (Sables Pesado)
  2. 23~25 Mar
    Big Rate-Up: Moria, Hancock (Slave Arrow)
    Rate-Up: Garp, Ben, NW Chopper
  3. 25~27 Mar
    Big Rate-Up: Kizaru (Yasakani no Magatama), Marco
    Rate-Up: Fujitora, Perona (Kawaii Meshitsukai), Vista
  4. 27~29 Mar
    Big Rate-Up: Enel, Doflamingo
    Rate-Up: Wiper, Vivi with Carue, X Drake
  5. 29~31 Mar (ends at 23:59)
    Big Rate-Up: Magellan, Sengoku
    Rate-Up: Zeff, Kid, Jozu



Besides the standard stages, there are two special quests that will take place during this Fest Event.

1. Great Hunt Quest


The Great Hunt quests are 90-second-only stages. Clearing the waves of mobs will trigger Buggy to appear, and defeating Buggy will get you a guaranteed gold chest that may contain All-Medals, among other loot such as Beli cards, Food cards and evo cards.

There are three daily missions relating to the Great Hunt Quest where the reward is 3 All-Medals for each (to be confirmed):

  1. Host and clear Great Hunt (Normal)
  2. Host and clear Great Hunt (Hard)
  3. Host and clear Great Hunt (Very Hard)

Great Hunts will take place at the following timings only:

  • 12:00 ~ 12:59
  • 19:00 ~ 19:59
  • 21:00 ~ 21:59

2. VS Quest

Take on the Whitebeard Pirates in VS Quest and receive Diamonds for your first win! VS stages will appear later in the event and end on 31 March 23:59.

  • 21/3: Jozu
  • 24/3: Marco
  • 27/3: Whitebeard
High Difficulty Event

21 March 2017 15:00 ~ 31 March 23:59

A special set of challenging stages will run in conjunction with the Fest Event this time. These are no-continue stages. The 9 featured characters of this Fest event will be Storm Characters for these stages and receive bonus stats.

Clear each stage to unlock the next! Completing the 5th stage will get you a 5* scene card “Rayleigh’s Haki”.

Schedule of stages:

  1. 21/3: VS Giant Gorilla
  2. 23/3: VS Magellan & Hannyabal
  3. 25/3: VS Giant Elephant
  4. 27/3: VS Law & Haki Vergo
  5. 29/3: VS Rayleigh

These stages will all end on 31 March at 23:59.


Check this page for updates!


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14 Responses

  1. Pabalo says:

    Oh boooyy!

  2. Frenchie's says:

    I think after that we have Rayleigh fame event

  3. mojo says:

    rates are shit i guess.. spent 300 coins for akainu and only got 4* special

  4. AleMustDie says:

    80 Coins and got Akainu 5*.
    Plus 5* Lucci x2
    5* Crocodile x1 and 4* x1

    Not bad, huh? And I pulled just for Lucci and Crocodile. Ahah. Not much interested in Akainu

  5. Flubs says:

    Heya just looking for some advice

    I really lucked out and got two 5* akainu specials from my first 30 coin pull

    I’m wondering whether its a better idea to fuse em, making one of them lv5 or to keep them both for stats


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