February Update Preview

Several updates are coming in the February maintenance:

1. Increased Compatibility with iPhoneX

The game will be patched to become more compatible with iPhoneX’s screen size.

2. Removal of Multi-Window Compatibility on Android Devices

The game will no longer be compatible with multi-window feature on Android devices.

3. Battle Display Changes

Instead of showing “Resist”, “0” will now be shown when you receive no damage from enemies (e.g. during invincible status).

“Resist” will be shown when status ailments fail to take effect.

4. Alliance New Feature: Heat Time

During Heat Time, members of the same alliance doing a battle together from Ajito (alliance plaza) will gain certain bonuses and stat boosts. Bonuses are subject to change, and the stat boosts are different depending on the ongoing event. Check each event for details on Heat Time.

Heat Time happens twice a day, for 1 hour each time.

Alliance leaders will have the option to set Heat Times. You cannot set both timings to be at the same time, nor leave one of the timings unset. The Heat Time timings will be effected on the same day if they were previously unset. Otherwise, changes will be effected on the next day.

The bonuses and boosts take effect as long as you begin the battle within Heat Time.

When Heat Time is active, you will see flaming text (that says “Heat Time Active”) on relevant screens (see screenshot above).



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