In OPTS, you get characters by collecting medals. You acquire the character as a 1-star when you get your first 3 medals, then evolve them up to 6-star as you get more medals. Collecting more medals after you reach 6-star will increase the character’s Luck stat.

Medals drop from battle or first-clear bonus. At launch, only the medals of most of the Straw-hat crew (Sabaody costume, pre-timeskip), and Rebecca are available as drops. Events-only characters will be available on event islands for a limited time.

Although some medals drop randomly on various islands, some medals drop more often on certain islands. Here is the list of the best places to farm each medal.

  • Luffy*: East Island (東の島)、West Island (西の島)、North Island (北の島)
  • Zoro: East Island (東の島)
  • Nami: West Island (西の島)
  • Sanji: North Island (北の島)
  • Chopper: Sabaody Archipelago (シャボンディ諸島)
  • Brook: Fishman Island (魚人島)
  • Usopp: Punk Hazard (パンクハザード)
  • Rebecca: Dressrosa (ドレスローザ)

* Normal mode only

Note that:

  • In general, it’s faster to farm Hard mode (if you’re strong enough) since you get more medals (up to 6-7) per run compared to the Normal mode counterpart.
  • Stages with story bosses (e.g. Smoker, Kuma) also tend to drop more medals. The name of their stages usually end with その3.
  • The drop rate is higher when playing multiplayer than single mode.
  • Your current island is always displayed below your Rank.

1North Island

About the starter islands:

You are asked to pick your starter when you start the game:

  1. Zoro: East Island (東の島)
  2. Nami: West Island (西の島)
  3. Sanji: North Island (北の島)

These three islands are currently mutually exclusive to one another; if you started on East Island, you cannot go to West or North on your own. You need a friend who is or was last on that island, and choose “Go to their plaza” on their profile. Note that if the friend is or was last on Fishman Island, that’s where you will end up, of course. And because you are a guest from East Island, you cannot start any quests and can only join the games started by other players. For this reason, you also never unlock Hard mode for these islands.


Yellow button on the bottom left: “Go to their plaza”


The easiest way is to be your own friend. If you have another device or emulator, make a side account, befriend your main, and stick the side account on your desired island. Even when the side account is offline, choose “Go to their plaza” anyway. You’ll get a error message about the Plaza having expired, but you will still be on the correct island.

26/04/16 Update:

Good news for people without side accounts; you can now enter these plazas using plaza ID. The plaza would be expired but you’ll be on the island you want.

Only for Japanese server!

East Island: QAw2x4Ae
West Island: QAMwskyf
North Island: QAMRveNB

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