Fame Rush Event: Bearers of Whitebeard’s Pride

This event will run from 31 December 15:00 to 6 January 23:59. Quest rewards will include medals of Marco (New Year ’18) and Ace (New Year ’18).

All quests in Fame Rush Event gives you fame points for only your first-clear (Storm bonus applies!). (Great) Fame Quest is the only timing you can farm fame points.

What’s New

New Year limited edition gold (5*) stat card is added as reward for achieving 1 million fame points.

This time, 7* medals (and regular Medals) of Marco (New Year ’18) and Ace (New Year ’18) will be added to the Item Exchange for a limited time only from 31 December 15:00 for 15 days. If you want to 7* your characters, make sure to grab the medals before they’re gone!

Gacha Theatre

# One time Step-Up gacha for Marco. The steps are:

  1. 40 Rainbow Coins for 11 cards, guaranteed one 4* or 5* Marco’s SA
  2. 50 Rainbow Coins for 11 cards, guaranteed one 4* or 5* Marco’s new EX SA

# One time Step-Up gacha for Ace. The steps are:

  1. 40 Rainbow Coins for 11 cards, guaranteed one 4* or 5* Ace’s SA
  2. 50 Rainbow Coins for 11 cards, guaranteed one 4* or 5* Ace’s EX SA

# Note that Marco’s Step-Up gacha does not have Ace, and vice versa.

Are you pulling this banner?

Yes, for Marco
Yes, for Ace
No. I’ll save for another banner.

New Unit(s)/Skin(s)
  • Marco (New Year ’18)
    Auto-Skill: Elemental attack increases as he defeats enemies. Special element added to his regular attacks.
  • Ace (New Year ’18)
    Auto-Skill: Buffs own dodge rate. Burn effect added to all attacks.

New SA(s)

Marco (New Year ’18)

“Souen no Tsuigeki” (Voiced EX)
Great Special damage (range: front, wide; penetration effect: medium), inflicts Stun (effect time: big) and buffs own Elemental attack (effect: medium).

Ace (New Year ’18)

“Kyoukaen” (Voiced EX)
Great Fire damage (range: front, wide), inflicts Burn (effect: small), buffs own Elemental attack (effect: big) and grants immunity to Physical damage (effect time: big).

Storm Bonus

The Storm Faction for this event is Stamina (list). Every character in this Faction is a Storm Character for this event.

Event Characters are Marco (New Year ’18) and Ace (New Year ’18). Event Characters are also Storm Characters.


All Storm Characters will gain a 20% boost in HP and Attack stats when you use them in the event’s quests.

Fame points

Each Storm Character you use to clear the stage with will get you +20% in Fame points.

Each Event Character you use to clear a stage with will get you +50% Fame points.


You get extra Storm loot for clearing stages with a Storm Character. Bring two Storm Characters and double the bonus loot!




  1. 8 members of your Alliance clear Daily Quest (VH)


This post will be updated when more information is available.


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6 Responses

  1. OpLover says:

    The feel when you spend all rainbow coin (which is save for ace)blackbeard and lucci last gachas.

    • dkun says:

      yeah can’t emphasize more; this Christmas Fest was a total bullshit as far as gacha cost 50coin for each banner WTF! Spent 300+ coins and all my reserve is gone. Now they put out new Ace’s SA and I aint got shit for gacha. Some times I wanna tell Devs. to go f@#$ themselves

      • OpLover says:

        My all moral gone. I gain mihawk and marco’s oldest sa from xmas gacha and i cant gain ex sa from ace birthday gacha :s :s :s :s

        • dkun says:

          Actually there’s Ace B-Day banner for 30coin I managed to scramble some coins and pulled 5* new voiced SA happy new year for me. Good luck to you hope you’ll pull what you desire most.
          Happy New Year

  2. Yuhz says:

    Is Marco new EX-SA any good? worth to pull?

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