Fame Event: Heavenly Yaksha

This Fame event will run from 30 September 15:00 to 6 October 23:59. Quest rewards will include medals of Donquixote Doflamingo and Monet. Make sure your Storm Characters are ready!

This post will be updated if and when we get new information.

Donquixote Doflamingo

  • Attack: Physical
  • Auto-Skill: Chance of inflicting Fear status during his normal attacks


Creates a birdcage with his strings that closes in on his targets and drags them into the center. Physical damage. Causes Fear.

How to Play

Fight battles on the event island. After each battle, you will receive Fame scrolls from chests, which will be converted into Fame points. Use Storm Characters for a multiplier on your Fame points. You get up to 30% boost in Fame points when you play using two 6* Storm Characters.


  • Bronze Scroll: 10 Fame
  • Silver Scroll: 150 Fame
  • Gold Scroll: 2,500 Fame


Special Hour

Fight the special boss during Special Hour for increased drop rate of Fame scrolls!

  • 12:00-12:59
  • 19:00-19:59
  • 21:00-21:59

Treasure Buggy


Treasure Buggy appears randomly in the event stages and defeating him will guarantee a gold chest drop.. Make sure to defeat him before he runs away!


You receive rewards based on the amount of Fame points you have.

Some of the rewards are:

4* Special (Doflamingo)
Received at:

  • 100K Fame
  • 230K Fame
  • 370K Fame

3* Skill (Doflamingo)
Received at:

  • First-clear bonus
  • 55K Fame

3* Skill (Doflamingo)
Received at:

  • 35K Fame

To view the full list of Rewards, click on the Fame Event banner and choose the third tab.

Fame Rank

You will also receive a medal displayed beside your name and in your profile, depending on your Fame points. This Fame rank will be reset when the next Fame event starts.



Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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5 Responses

  1. Viet says:

    does it matter to go over 370k fame point?

  2. Zafrac says:

    How to get the Luffy with the suit that has a multiplier in this event?

  3. Floyd says:

    There’s a bug in celebrity event character that has a low stats.

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