Since you may have to wait up to one week to be able to farm a material, it is good to be prepared in advance. Thankfully, there is a pattern to the required materials that depends on (1) your card type, (2) rarity and (3) whether it is a skill (cards with 技 or 必 in the bottom right corner) or non-skill card.

(You can find out the weekly schedule of each evolve material via the Evolve Materials Quest page.)

The pattern is summarised in the following tables (drag image to address bar to enlarge):

For example, below is a 5-star Law skill card. Going by the first table, I would need 4-star Sea King x10, 5-star Sea King x5, and 4-star Primary x8. Since Law is an Ambusher, that means 4-star Chouchou x8:



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