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Event: The Toys’ Secret

8 September 2016 15:00 ~ 14 September 2016 23:59

You can farm Toy Soldier (Kyros) and Sugar medals and 2* skill cards on the special island during this period.

Toy Soldier (Kyros) and Sugar are part of the Storm Characters for the Fame Event in late-September.

Toy Soldier (Kyros)

  • Attack: Physical
  • Auto-Skill: Boosts physical defense of allies nearby


  • Attack: Physical
  • Auto-Skill: Chance to turn enemy into a toy when she’s attacked

For other Auto-Skills, check here or the character tags.

Check the event’s missions here.

Challenge Quest

In the later half of the event, starting 12 September 15:00, there will be a Challenge Quest where you can receive Diamonds if you clear the Challenge Quest stage (prefixed with 挑戦) with both Toy Soldier (Kyros) and Sugar in your party. You can get the reward each day for 3 days for a total of 45 Diamonds and the mission resets at 0:00.

12 September – 14 September Daily Missions

  1. Clear CQ (Normal) with both Toy Soldier (Kyros) and Sugar in your party – 5 Diamonds
  2. Clear CQ (Hard) with both Toy Soldier (Kyros) and Sugar in your party – 5 Diamonds
  3. Clear CQ (Very Hard) with both Toy Soldier (Kyros) and Sugar in your party – 5 Diamonds


Special hour bosses appear on the event island for one-hour each time and are prefixed with [時限].




Special hour bosses give a higher drop rate for event medals and skill cards and there’s also a chance of silver and gold evolve materials, so catch it when you can!

example drop

If you have problems seeing or starting the quest when you should be able to, change your device time to Japan’s.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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6 Responses

  1. narutard says:

    Is anyone even excited for this event

    • Shu says:

      For me, it’s a good time to take a break. Farmed too hard for fame.

    • Spiegel says:

      I don’t farm the fame (I don’t care about Sabo, and Ambusher… Nope. I hate play with Ambusher.)
      But… Sugar is Support (Look another card no skill of Sugar) I say yes. The game have only 2 Support : Chopper and Chopper TS…
      And another Warrior… It’s the 15th Warriors… If Toy Soldiers was Ambusher… 10th Ambusher…

  2. Ori says:

    Yo, is it just me or is there anyone else having difficulty to access Lapahn evo mat quests after last maintenance? I can access the other evo mat quests and other quests just fine, but for some reason every time I tried to farm Lapahn the game crashed 🙁 (rather unfortunate since I need to evolve my Vanguard type scene cards).

    Also from the twitter preview, soldier toy!Kyros seems quite useful, but I’ve exhausted my resources for current fame event lol.

    • Shu says:

      We don’t have any problems with Lapahn quests. Maybe try Clear Cache (yellow button top left when game starts) or even reinstall? Make sure you backup/bind your account first.

      All my coins are gone too lol.

      • Ori says:

        I see, thanks for the reply! Might wait until next maintenance if I have to clear cache or reinstall the game again though (evolving scene cards can wait next week lol).

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