Event: The Man known as Buddha

7 December 2016 15:00 ~ 16 December 2016 23:59

You can farm Sengoku and Garp medals and 2* skill cards on the special island during this period. You can earn their 3* skill card via first clear bonus and clearing Missions.

Play the Coin Gacha to get their 4* skill cards and Special (4* or 5*) cards.

NEW! Storm Faction is here!

Starting from this event, characters from the same Storm Faction as the featured event character(s) (Sengoku and Garp in this case) will gain a 20% boost in HP and Attack stats when you use them in the event’s quests.

Sengoku and Garp are in the Speed Faction (look for the text in blue, as above, on your characters), so everyone of Speed will get a stat boost.


Type: Vanguard
Attack: Physical
Auto-Skill: Buffs physical attack and speed of Marine allies nearby


Sengoku’s Special card will trigger Mode Change into Buddha form.

In Buddha form, his Special is Shockwave, an AOE with high damage.


Type: Warrior
: Physical
Auto-Skill: Increases Critical Rate of self and allies nearby. Has a chance of causing Stun with his attacks.

For other Auto-Skills, check here or the character tags.

Challenge Quest (CQ)

In the later half of the event starting 14 December, there will be a Challenge Quest where you can receive Diamonds if you clear the Challenge Quest stage (prefixed with 挑戦) using both Sengoku and Garp in your party. You can get the reward each day for a total of 15 Diamonds/day and the mission resets at 0:00.

Daily Missions

  1. Clear CQ (Normal) using both Sengoku and Garp in your party – 5 Diamonds
  2. Clear CQ (Hard) using both Sengoku and Garp  in your party – 5 Diamonds
  3. Clear CQ (Very Hard) using both Sengoku and Garp  in your party – 5 Diamonds

Special hour bosses appear on the event island for one-hour each time and are prefixed with [時限].




Special hour bosses give a higher drop rate for event medals and skill cards and there’s also a chance of silver and gold evolve materials. They also drop Hiluluk cards, so catch it when you can!


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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