Event: Memories with Cora-san

6 October 2016 15:00 ~ 12 October 2016 23:59

You can farm Rosinante and NW Law medals and 2* skill cards on the special island during this period.

Rosinante and NW Law are part of the Storm Characters in the October Fame Event.


  • Attack: Physical
  • Auto-Skill: When he falls, he’ll dodge enemies’ attack, and increase his critical rate.

For other Auto-Skills, check here or the character tags.

Check the event’s missions here.

Challenge Quest

In the later half of the event, starting 10 October 15:00, there will be a Challenge Quest where you can receive Diamonds if you clear the Challenge Quest stage (prefixed with 挑戦) using both Rosinante and NW Law in your party. You can get the reward each day for 4 days for a total of 60 Diamonds and the mission resets at 0:00.

10 October – 13 October Daily Missions

  1. Clear CQ (Normal) using both Rosinante and NW Law in your party – 5 Diamonds
  2. Clear CQ (Hard) using both Rosinante and NW Law in your party – 5 Diamonds
  3. Clear CQ (Very Hard) using both Rosinante and NW Law in your party – 5 Diamonds


Special hour bosses appear on the event island for one-hour each time and are prefixed with [時限].




Special hour bosses give a higher drop rate for event medals and skill cards and there’s also a chance of silver and gold evolve materials, so catch it when you can!

example drop

If you have problems seeing or starting the quest when you should be able to, change your device time to Japan’s.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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11 Responses

  1. Golubowski says:


    • narutard says:

      I don’t know him at all but should I still do gacha or next event also I don’t have laws special attack either

      • Golubowski says:

        Well.. Corazon is a fan favorite character. That alone will be the reason for many players to farm his coins and to get his special, but his skills won’t be so powerful in the game, so i recommend you to try to get specials of other characters/save your coins for future events if you don’t like this character.

        Conclusion: He will be an average character, nothing special, only a fan favorite.

        • Golubowski says:

          I have to correct myself, i just got Cora’s special and it is pretty powerful!

        • J L says:

          I lucked into his special on a single pull, and I think he’s pretty good. He’s not a DPS character in the slightest, but he’s really tanky. Quite the opposite of Mingo.

          His auto-skill does an automatic dodge, making him survive better when surrounded. His full team evasion+speed buff combined with confusion+slow area makes him very support oriented. The special does a nice amount of damage, but I think it also debuffs enemy accuracy or something. He doesn’t have the high HP or Defense multiplier that NW Luffy has, but he does have a bit more Atk and SP. The buffs, debuffs and survivability probably make him good for very difficult dungeons, similar to Chopper.

          • Golubowski says:

            So true, J L, i just love his auto skill, it’s funny and useful and his other skills are also good making him a pretty decent addition. He just became my main character!

      • Ori says:

        From the twitter preview, I think Cora’s special attack is quite OP so maybe you should try to gacha him if you can. Getting Law’s special attack is not half bad either.

  2. J L says:

    For the Challenge Quests, does it include others players using the characters in multiplayer, or must you be personally using both?

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