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December Storm Showdown has been cancelled.

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Event: Island of Extreme Temperatures

7 July 2016 15:00 ~ 13 July 2016 23:59

You can farm Monet and Caesar Clown medals and 2* skill cards on the special island during this period.

Monet and Caesar Clown are part of the Storm Characters for the Fame Event in late-July.


  • Attack: Ice-type
  • Auto-Skill: Decreases attack of enemies nearby


  • Attack: Fire-type
  • Auto-Skill: (Elemental) attack up for each enemy defeated

For other Auto-Skills, check here.

Check the event’s missions here.

New: Challenge Quest (Updated 11 July 15:30)

In the later half of the event, starting 11 July 15:00, there will be a Challenge Quest where you can receive rainbow coins if you clear the Challenge Quest stage (prefixed with 挑戦) with both Caesar and Monet in your party. You can get the reward each day for 3 days and the mission resets at 0:00.

11-13 July Daily Missions

  1. Clear CQ (Hard) with both Caesar and Monet in your party – 1 Rainbow Coin
  2. Clear CQ (Very Hard) with both Caesar and Monet in your party – 1 Rainbow Coin


Special hour bosses appear on the event island for one-hour each time and are prefixed with [時限].


Special hour bosses give a higher drop rate for event medals and skill cards and there’s also a chance of silver and gold evolve materials, so catch it when you can!

example drop

If you have problems seeing or starting the quest when you should be able to, change your device time to Japan’s.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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  1. Zafrac says:

    Always this characters that i love so much, and i have no luck with the gacha to get their specials T_T

  2. Frenchie's says:

    What’s the special reward of the new dayly mission and the objectif to obtain it.

  3. Frenchie's says:

    Sorry, i speak about the challenge quest mentioned in this news who need the 2 characters.

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