Dual SA Launch Campaign

Several campaigns will be happening to commemorate the launch of Dual SA:

  1. Login Bonus #1 including Rainbow Coins and food cards (27/10 ~ 10/11).
  2. Login Bonus #2 that gives away evolve cards (31/10 ~ 10/11).
  3. Advanced Evolve Quest (31/10 ~ 6/11).
  4. Fame Rush event this month will come with a Step Up Gacha with a one-time Guaranteed SA multi-pull.


  • Due to incompatibility issues with the new game features, November Storm Showdown will be cancelled until further notice.
  • Luffy’s EX Special Attack had a bug where the fever gauge was not increased correctly. It is now fixed, and players who own the SA will receive compensation (to be announced) on a later date.
  • If you have two SAs equipped, and your SA was disrupted by the enemy on execution, there is a bug where sometimes only one SA will cooldown,

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