The coming update in December will come with some major changes!

  1. Type Action
    You will be able to activate Type Action in battle by doing a long press on the screen in battle. Note that characters in Mode Change cannot use Type Action.

    Vanguard Type Action: Defend
    Becomes harder to knock back, and reduces damage taken.

    Warrior Type Action: Strike
    Powerful small-area attack.

    Ambusher Type Action: Blitz
    Dashes forward for a quick attack.

    Mid-Guard Type Action: Charge
    Recover SP.

    Sniper Type Action: Focus
    Buffs Critical Rate.

    Supporter Type Action: Concentrate
    Shortens cool-down time.
  2. Quick Move
    You will be able to quickly move your character by flicking the screen. Time your flicks to dodge attacks! Note that characters in Mode Change cannot use Quick Move.
  3. COM Allies Upgrade
    The AI-controlled COM characters will be upgraded:

    • Their  combined stats will be adjusted according to the combined stats of the player.
    • Their combined stats can be viewed in the room.
    • They will become better at timing their attack skills and healing.
    • They will be able to use Special attacks.
    • They will come with one Supporter type if none of the player(s) in the room has a Supporter type.
  4. Beginner Challenge
    There will be panels of missions in 3×3 grids, known as the Beginner Challenge, available for players to complete. Each mission gives a reward, and completing all panels will earn you the exclusive reward of NW Zoro (Dressrosa) medal(s).The mission difficulty is targeted at beginners, but anyone who has not cleared it can complete it for the one-time rewards.
  5. Skill and Special cards description will become clearer. Existing cards will not be affected.
  6. Ranking position lower than 3000th place will not be displayed in plaza or rooms. Only the corresponding trophy will be displayed beside the player’s name.
  7. Auto-equip will be modified and select cards based on a different priority than previously.

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