December Update Preview

Many changes are coming in the December update:

1. Titles and Emblems

You can earn Titles from missions. Examples of Titles include: Rookie, Super Active, and Supernova. Earned Titles can be equipped, and will be displayed above your name.

An Emblem represents how much you play OPTS, and is made up of 3 parts: anchor, wheel, and ribbon. You can upgrade the parts by earning Emblem points from clearing missions, and customize your Emblem.

ETA: edited for clarity.

2. Auto-Equip All Supports

There is now a button that will equip all your Supports automatically with one click (see screenshot).

3. Scene Card Details Changes

  •  You can now see from a scene card which deck and character has that card equipped.
  • There will be a button on a scene card that says “unequip from all decks”.
  • The “Strengthen” and “Evolve” buttons on a scene card will be rearranged.

4. Character and Scene Card Sort and Filter

  • Sort and Filter will be enhanced.
  • Filter’s function will be changed to filter out (hide) the characters/cards that match your criteria.

5. Display Change

There will be a red text atop a scene card that says “Equipped”, to differentiate against the Lock icon (which means you have locked it).

6. Loading and Display of Pages Enhanced

The loading and display of pages such as list of characters and list of scene cards will be enhanced.

7. Support Character Listing

When changing Support Characters, you’ll find that currently selected Supports will be displayed first.

8. Alliance Auto-Accept

A new setting “Auto-Accept” will be added to Alliances. This setting can only be assessed by Alliance leaders. Alliances created before this update will automatically have it set to off. If set to on, any applicants will be accepted into the Alliance automatically without the leader’s action.

9. New Buttons on My Page

If you have unlocked the Alliance feature and are not in an Alliance, there will be a “Recommended Alliances” button.

If you are in an Alliance, there will instead be an Ajito button that allows you to go to your Alliance plaza.

10. New Ailments/Effects

  • Silence: When silenced, a character cannot use their Skills or SAs (including EX).
  • Change Ban: When affected, a unit cannot change out of battle.
  • Sleep: When asleep, a character’s defense and resistance will be lowered.

11. Boss Powerup Indicator

When a boss is powered up, you will now see an icon and a red glow.

12. New Boss Behavior

Some bosses will now have a new behavior. When they glow blue, any status ailments or debuffs will be removed, and they will temporarily become immune to ailments, debuffs and knock backs.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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1 Response

  1. Dave says:

    Hum. A useless title system and UI quality of life improvements. Two new status effects, one of which only exists to make the game harder, since it has no effect on enemies.
    An update to the sleep status, which may be a hint to a well-deserved update to Brook, after all he’s done in the Wholecake Island arc.
    And a new boss mechanic that allows non-Sabos to hit the boss with their special, instead of always hitting an empty area when two Sabos just throw the boss into all cardinal directions by spamming their special all the time.

    Well, sounds like the game definitely won’t get easier for people without overpowered specials.

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