Combined Stats New Formula

Starting from when the game reopens after the 15 December maintenance, OPTS will revise their formula for combined stats once again. This time, they reveal their formula!

In their statement (external link) on the official wiki, the OPTS team apologized for the confusion caused in the November change in formula. They have receive emails and feedback and will be changing the Combined Stats formula to the following:

15,000 +(Atk × 2.74)
+(P.Def × 4.1)
+(E.Res × 4.1)
+(HP × 1.93)
+(SP × 27.36)
+(Level of Skill 1 × 500 × Coefficient of Skill 1)
+(Level of Skill 2 × 500 × Coefficient of Skill 2)
+(Level of Special × 800 × Power of Special)

(Figures in blue are the ratio given on the wiki.)

With this change, each job class will no longer have a different range of combined stats (which was an unintended outcome of the November change).


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11 Responses

  1. teju says:

    (Level of Skill 1 × 500 × Power of Skill 1)
    +(Level of Skill 2 × 500 × Power of Skill 2)
    +(Level of Special × 800 × Power of Special)

    wym by the power of skill/special? so if leo bazooka full power is 320k then the STR will be crazy high over 320k

    • Shu says:

      No, it’s not the skill damage stats. I shouldn’t have written Power. The direct translation for the term on the wiki is coefficient, which is different depending on the skill. I don’t use the formula myself, so don’t ask me how to find the coefficient (afaik you can’t).

  2. Brr says:

    I have a question. How is that some players get their characters to 200,000+? I have all 6* and 1 7* card on my whitebeard and I’m barely over 150,000. Maybe I just don’t understand the system or if there is a way to better level your characters. Just curious as to how they can get over 200,000+ and how I can get mine to that strength. Any help would be appreciated!

    • bidoof says:

      Get all skills to max (special also). Have a max level faction card, base 5* faction cards hold more levels. Get all your scene cards to 6* or above. Get good scene cards scene cards, best scene cards are seen on the official wiki. Upgrade scene card levels by putting together stat cards that are 3 star or higher.

      I would recommend saving up rainbow coins to spend on an event with really good characters so that you can get stat cards, their 4* skill cards and upgrades to your characters special.

      • Brr says:

        Thanks for the reply! All my skills are maxed out apart from the big damaging ones. But they are still level 7. What are faction cards and how do I level them up? And I don’t know what you mean by stat cards? New player here and don’t speak Japanese so everything is a mystery to me haha

        • bidoof says:

          Faction cards and Type levels are explained in English on this website. Faction cards are obtained by playing in events with the event characters. Play the 120,000 strength quests with both event characters to get 4* faction cards. Play 140,000 red quest (no continue stage) to get a 5* faction card. Rewards are in the quest menu. This page has a lot of information, you can search here if you need any help.

        • Shu says:

          What bidoof said 🙂

          Try Ctrl-F “faction card” on this page, for example, it’s the current event.

  3. nami says:

    SHUU, i need ur explanation, how come the power of SA Boosted along with increasing STR? whats the factor n the calculation?

    • Shu says:

      STR (or the more literal “combined stats”) is the results of the cards you equip (see the formula above), not the other way around. SA is boosted by higher attack stat (which also boosts STR).

      You can see this easily if you unequip a skill card, and replace with a stat card with the same attack stat. The STR will go down but your SA power (in green text) will be the same.

      • nami says:

        ahhh soo, to incrase SA power, the only stat counted is the attack stat, is it just simply adding the amount of attack cumulated from the scene cards to the base SA power?

        • Shu says:

          I didn’t test if it’s simply addition, but yes attack stat is the only one that directly boosts SA power. Type levels and Faction levels boosts the attack stat, so they’re indirectly boosting too.

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