Starting from when the game reopens after the 15 December maintenance, OPTS will revise their formula for combined stats once again. This time, they reveal their formula!

In their statement (external link) on the official wiki, the OPTS team apologized for the confusion caused in the November change in formula. They have receive emails and feedback and will be changing the Combined Stats formula to the following:

15,000 +(Atk × 2.74)
+(P.Def × 4.1)
+(E.Res × 4.1)
+(HP × 1.93)
+(SP × 27.36)
+(Level of Skill 1 × 500 × Coefficient of Skill 1)
+(Level of Skill 2 × 500 × Coefficient of Skill 2)
+(Level of Special × 800 × Power of Special)

(Figures in blue are the ratio given on the wiki.)

With this change, each job class will no longer have a different range of combined stats (which was an unintended outcome of the November change).

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