Combined Stats Explained

The November update (see here) has implemented the change in combined stats calculations. As mentioned,

Previously, the max combined stats is at 90,000, achieved with any seven Lv 100 Rainbow cards equipped, plus two level 10 Skills and one level 10 Special also at Lv 100.

After the update, combined stats will employ a new formula that takes into account the stats of your equipped cards.

Everyone would have noticed their combined stats has changed. This does not affect your performance in battle, because it’s your equipped cards that determines the combined stats (based on a modified formula), and not that the other way around.

After the update, OPTS has posted another announcement titled “logic behind the combined stats calculations”. While they did not reveal the formula, they clarified that 4 factors are taken into account:

  1. Stats of equipped cards
  2. Level of compatible skills and special
  3. Stat bonus from same-type cards equipped
  4. Favored stats of each type

Favored stats of each type are:

  • Vanguard: HP/Physical Defense
  • Warrior: HP/Attack/Physical Defense
  • Sniper: Attack
  • Mid-guard: HP/SP/Elemental Resistance
  • Ambusher: HP/Attack
  • Support: SP/Elemental Resistance

This change is so that combined stats, which players see at a glance in a room, will better reflect a player’s power.

Here is a simple illustration of how the changes work.

Before the update, player A and B both have a Ace at combined stat 75000 (no skills and special equipped, and 10 max rainbow stat cards equipped).

In actual fact, Ace A is equipped with 10 of this Doflamingo (Sniper) card


and Ace B is equipped with 10 of this Luffy (Vanguard) card


yet they are both shown as 75000 Ace before the update, even though Ace A obviously fights better than Ace B.

After the update, Ace A will have gone above 75000 because each card is 363 points (10 cards = 3,630 points) higher than Ace B, and receives stat bonus from the cards being Sniper type, while Ace B may have gone below 75000.

In summary, if you find your combined stats low,

  • equip cards with higher stats, preferably of the same type/of higher stats in favored stats
  • level up your skills and special to the max level 10


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