Coin Present Campaign Begins

As part of the 6-Million-Download Campaign, players will stand a chance to win rainbow coins for simply playing the game. If you are one of the 10 lucky winners of the top prize, you will receive 1,000 rainbow coins! There are four tiers of prizes, making up a total of 60,000 coins to be given away.

To enter, simply clear the mission “play a stage in multiplayer mode” (which also rewards 10 All-Medals) during the campaign period daily (i.e. one lucky draw ticket a day). The more days you fulfill the mission, the better your chances are.


The timings for the two Coin Present Campaigns are:

1. 21 Oct 05:00 ~ 26 Oct 04:59
2. 29 Oct 05:00 ~ 2 Nov 04:59

Good luck!


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