Christmas Campaign 2017

15 Dec 15:00 ~ 31 Dec 23:59

A Christmas Campaign is happening in OPTS this year!

A lucky draw will be taking place via the official OPTS Twitter account where a total of 3,310 Rainbow Coins will be given out to lucky winners:

  • 1,225 RC – 10 winners
  • 100 RC – 100 winners
  • 50 RC – 200 winners
  • 10 RC – 1000 winners
  • 5 RC – 2000 winners

To enter the lucky draw, simply (1) Follow the OPTS account and (2) retweet the following tweet:

You can only enter once, no matter the number of Retweets.

Winners will receive a Direct Message (DM) to their Twitter account between 15 Jan 2018 to 15 Feb 2018. Please follow the instructions in the DM to send them information needed to receive the prize. Prizes will be sent to in-game Giftbox. You will be disqualified if you unfollow the Twitter account, delete your Twitter or OPTS account, or change your Twitter username after the campaign entry period is over. (full T&C here in Japanese).


The other part of the campaign features One Piece figurines as prizes. You need to be staying in Japan to qualify. The campaign details will not be covered here.


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1 Response

  1. Dave says:

    Last year’s christmas present: a free daily pull from the christmas event gacha for everyone for ten days.

    This year’s christmas present: 10 coins for everyone, tons of coins for a few lucky ones (probably many who bot their way into the top 3000 during fame events, since luck favours the bold cheaters) and on top of that: a constantly accelerating difficulty and a forever cancelled Storm Showdown, all while pretending that the recommended power level stays the same.

    Game’s getting better and better. Doesn’t even bother me that I wasted 300 coins on the gacha.


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