There are 6 character types (or classes) in OPTS, each with its own characteristics. You also gain bonus stats if the equipped cards are of the same type.


Tip: When in your box, you can tap on a type (see above) to temporarily filter only cards of that type. This is useful especially when you are trying to increase skill level of a card by fusing. Tap again to remove the filter.

  1. Vanguard (前衛)
    Vanguards have high HP and defence and tend to come with (auto) skills like taunt. They are suited to be at the forefront, taking enemies’ attention away from their allies.
    Examples of Vanguards include Luffy and Franky.
  2. Warrior (戦士)
    Warriors have lower defence but higher attack compared to Vanguards. They perform best in melee combat.
    Examples of Warriors include Zoro and Sanji.
  3. Ambusher (奇襲)
    Ambushers have skills that enable them to be highly mobile and excel at taking down their targets with their skills/specials, which often inflict status ailments and/or are wide-range.
    Examples of Ambusher include Robin and Law.
  4. Middle Guard (中衛)
    Middle Guards have relatively low defence and HP but make up for it with high SP. They perform best launching their ranged skills and specials from behind front-line fighters.
    Examples of Middle Guards include Nami and Hancock.
  5. Sniper (狙撃)
    Snipers have the longest range and the highest critical rate among the types, on top of high attack and status-inflicting skills/specials In exchange, they have very low defence and HP. They’re best used with the support of Vanguards preventing the enemies from getting to them.
    Examples of Snipers include Usopp and Doflamingo.
  6. Supporter (支援)
    Supporters excel at one or more of: healing, buffing and debuffing. They are especially important in difficult boss fights.
    Examples of Supporters include Chopper.

Character base stats and bonuses, summarised by character types, are as follows:

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