Character Ranking: Vanguard

Unsure whose gacha to play, or which character to build up? Check our ranking poll results collected from avid OPTS players — our readers! — and our review, and you may find your answer.

Note: This is for reference only, and your actual play experience may differ. Make sure to also take note of the date of the poll(s)!


Vanguards have the highest HP in the game, with a multiplier of 2.77x at 7* and the Defense and Type Action to back it up; they’re simply the toughest to kill off in the game. They’re very valuable in challenging quests such as Toughest Events where you die very quickly due to the sheer number of mobs, not to mention the bosses with powerful attacks.

Poll Results

Poll 1
Period: 19 Jan 17 ~ 25 Jan 17
One vote per person

The Top 3

#1 Whitebeard


The Strongest Man in the World beat the competition by a landslide to emerge champion of the Vanguard class in our first poll!

Basic Info

Faction Stamina
Attack Special
Auto-Skill Does not get knocked back easily
-10 (Water)


Kaiten (Lv 10: PWR 41100)
A shockwave that travels in a straight line, causing small special damage.
Naginatasenkai (Lv 10: PWR 48600)
Spins his weapon above his head, causing medium physical damage.


Kaishin (Lv 10: PWR 127400)
Summons a tsunami to crash over his foes, dealing medium water damage, and causing Stun.



  • Kaishin is water-type damage, which almost all devil fruit users have some weakness to.
  • Kaishin has the greatest range so far, it sweeps every enemy that is currently on the map, and is invaluable in maps with lots of mobs.
  • Naginatasenkai juggles enemies in the air, and knocks back bigger enemies that cannot be juggled. Even if the attack doesn’t kill them, it keeps them busy and your allies safe for the moment.
  • His regular attack is a heavy swing of his weapon, and can potentially KO more than a few mobs in one swing.


  • Because its range is so wide, Kaishin can miss some of the targets sometimes.
  • Kaishin has one of the lowest power among Vanguards. Once all the mobs have been swept away, it can take awhile to take out the boss(es) if relying on Kaishin alone.



Whitebeard is not the best attacker in OPTS, but, true to his position as the beloved father of his huge crew, you can be sure he is the best at keeping teammates safe whether he’s keeping mobs bouncing in the air or sweeping them all away at once. Just bring some explosive attackers with him to charge the boss(es) while he’s cleaning up the distraction and you will have a pretty easy time in almost any battle.


#2 Luffy (New World)


Our protagonist missed the first place to the strongest pirate, but secured second place — not bad for a rookie pirate, and his full potential is yet unknown!

Basic Info

Faction Heart
Attack Physical
  • Attracts aggro and buffs own physical attack (Sabaody Costume)
  • Attracts aggro and debuffs physical defense of enemies nearby (Film Gold Costume)
  • Attracts aggro and reduces damage received by allies behind him (White Suit)
-10 (Water)
+20 (Lightning)


Gear Second (Lv 10: SP Cost 30)
Become invincible to physical attacks for a time. Buffs his own physical attack and speed.
Gomu Gomu no Jet Gattling (Lv 10: PWR 23520)
Rapid punches at multiple enemies at once. Can increase hits if buffed by Gear Second. Physical damage.
Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun (Lv 10: PWR 23520)
Attacks enemies with a giant fist enhanced by Busoshoku Haki. Physical damage.
Gomu Gomu no UFO (Lv 10: PWR 48510)
Spins his legs to float around in the air and kick enemies at the same time. Physical damage. EX Skill.
Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider (Lv 10: PWR 66300)
Only in Boundman Mode Change. A double flying kick. Physical damage.


Gomu Gomu no Redhawk (Lv 10: PWR 85000)
Dashes to the enemy and unleashes a Haki-imbued punch that causes a fiery explosion. Physical damage. Causes Burn.

Gear Fourth (SP Cost 120)
Mode Change into Boundman. Auto-Skill becomes: Buff his own physical attack and reduces physical damage received, and becomes less likely to be knocked back.
Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun (Lv 10: PWR 200800)
Only in Boundman Mode Change. Hits the ground with a giant fist. Physical damage.



  • Explosive power when he Mode Changes into Gear Fourth; King Kong Gun has the highest power amongst Vanguards currently
  • His EX Skill helps to charge the fever bar quickly
  • He has many skills and auto-skills to choose from, depending on what suits your need in the particular stage, if you collected all the different skills and medals
  • His resistance to Lightning (and Poison, to some extent), may prove useful in special fights


  • After Mode Change, Luffy will become weakened (defense down) and immobile for almost 3 seconds, panting and exhausted from the transformation. However, you can use skills right away to skip the immobility, and use Gear Second to buff his defense up without waiting for it to wear off
  • As one of the first character released, outside of Mode Change, Luffy is pretty weak compared to the later Vanguards, both in terms of clearing mobs and damaging the boss
  • Luffy specializes in physical damage and not a single element. If a boss resists physical damage (e.g. Sentomaru), keep Luffy away.


Attack is the best defense! That’s Luffy’s fighting style for you. As the protagonist, he gets a wide range of costumes and skills to choose from, so he’s not only strong in battle, but fun to play as. To be really effective, though, make sure you have Gear Fourth at a high level, and time your cool-downs well (e.g. as the stage is ending, because cool-down resets at next stage, and once the boss stage starts, so you can enter Mode Change a second time ASAP if it’s a long fight).


#3 Magellan

Ex-chief warden of the (once) impregnable great prison, Magellan posed a great threat to Luffy in the story and to players in OPTS too as a boss.

Basic Info

Faction Speed
Attack Physical
Auto-Skill Causes Poison with his regular attack.
-10 (Water)


Venom Road (Lv 10: PWR 34920)
Charges forward on a path made of poison. Special damage. Causes Poison.
Venom Cloud (Lv 10: PWR 34920)
Debuffs speed of surrounding enemies with a cloud of poison. Causes Poison.


Hydra (Lv 10: PWR 143760)
Forms a three-headed dragon to attack the enemy, and create poison puddles where it lands. Special damage. Causes Poison; debuffs speed.



  • Everything he does poisons the target, and the poison damage is swift and high. Even stepping on the edge of Hydra’s poison puddles inflicts the target with poison
  • So far, few bosses and zero mobs resist poison
  • His damage is pretty high, and that’s not yet including the damage from poison status
  • His range is a good size as well, making mob clearing a breeze


  • Nothing of note


Magellan is all about poison, and the thing is, hardly anything counters poison in OPTS. Unless it’s a rare poison-resistant boss (and even then, he would be making himself useful putting all the mobs through venom hell), he is useful in almost all situations. To top things off, he has no noteworthy weakness, with his range, damage, speed all scoring medium to high (although you might say he is a little lacking in being excellent in any of the areas). A formidable threat, indeed!

Other classes will be coming soon!


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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7 Responses

  1. OpLOver says:

    isnt jimbei good too ? his skills have water damage

  2. Brilsarn says:

    Is fujitora good?? Wich are his best attacks?

  3. Shed D Dragon says:

    What is the difference between Luffy NW and Luffy 2YA? Is that big? I miss the Luffy NE event and now stuck with Luffy 2YA and mistaken enhance his Gum Gum Gatling Gun stuck at 4 star and connot evolve them anymore..:(

    • Shu says:

      The difference is great. They’re as good as two different characters, that equip different SKs and SAs. 2YA Luffy is not useful in battle.

  4. Stephen says:

    Jimbei is better than magellan because most bosses have weakness to water type skill and jimbei has further auto range than magellan. Magellans passive poison but jimbei group buff and skills are overall better than magellan

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