Character Ranking: Sniper

Unsure whose gacha to play, or which character to build up? Check our ranking poll results collected from avid OPTS players — our readers! — and our review, and you may find your answer.

Note: This is for reference only, and your actual play experience may differ. Make sure to also take note of the date of the poll(s)!


The Snipers don’t do things by half; they have the highest Attack stat of all classes, with the lowest HP and Defense/Resistance they can get away with. They also have really long range and a Type Action to buff Critical rate. They are the killing machines of OPTS, but at the same time “dies a lot” is a weakness on every one of their descriptions. Always cover them well with heals and tanks and make full use of dodging. If you like high DPS and the thrill of walking the thin line between life and death, Sniper is the class for you.

Poll Results

Poll 1
Period: 26 Feb 17 ~ 7 Mar 17
One vote per person


The Top 3

#1 Ace


The indisputable champion among all Snipers, despite his relatively early debut (2 months after the opening of Japan server), is none other than Fire Fist Ace, with over half of the total votes.

Basic Info

Faction Stamina
Attack Fire
Auto-Skill Adds Burn to regular attacks
+20 (Fire)
-10 (Water)


Shinka Shiranui (Lv 10: PWR 33990)
Jumps and throws two fire lances. Fire damage, Burn effect.
Hotarubi (Lv 10: PWR 22800)
Sends small fireballs floating forward to burn enemies. Fire damage, Burn effect.
Hibashira (Lv 10: PWR 49500)
Only in Mode Change. Creates a big fire pillar that hurts and burns surrounding enemies. Fire damage, Burn effect.


Hiken (Lv 10: PWR 130000)
Turns his fist into flames and launches it as a column of fire that plows through almost anything. Fire damage, Burn effect.

Enkai (SP Cost 120)
Mode Change into flames itself. Auto-Skill becomes: Immune to Physical damage, deals Fire damage to surrounding enemies, buffs own Elemental Attack and movement speed.
Dai Enkai: Entei (Lv 10: PWR 250000)
Only in Mode Change. Throws a gigantic fireball towards target, which will explode over a big range, causing huge Fire damage with Burn effect.



  • You get Burn effect on just about everything he does, even regular attacks. That’s extra damage on his already impressive base PWR. Not many individual resist the Burn effect.
  • His regular attack is one of the best in the game: he rapid fires thrice at the enemy, and if the enemy is dead in one shot, the other two shots spread out to other enemies nearby. On a motionless boss, he’ll be firing practically non-stop.
  • Hiken has great auto-target and fires in one second. Boss running out of range is never a problem. Its wide range also ensures the enemies around the boss(es) are also hit. Plus, all targets also get sent flying, giving your team breathing time and/or a chance to build up Chain damage, which he can easily do with Shinka Shiranui followed by Hotarubi.
  • Hiken has a secret that should not be openly discussed.
  • At 250,000 PWR, Entei is the highest DPS Special Attack among Snipers, and that’s without adding the Burn damage. Since SA damage become further boosted by Attack stat after a patch, and Snipers have the highest Attack base stat, this is a big deal. It also has a great auto-aim —  you can launch it from anywhere and it will slowly chase its target. Have we mentioned its big range?
  • Invincible during Mode Change if all enemies are Physical type.


  • Hotarubi is pretty slow and easy to be interrupted. Ace is also open to attacks during it. Don’t use when enemies are near.
  • Some of the toughest bosses in the game, such as Akainu, fire dragons, Akainu, and Akainu, resist fire.
  • Hibashira has a long cool-down that’s almost the full length of the Mode Change, so you can only use it twice in one transformation, and only if you time it well. However, if in fever mode, you can use Hibashira up to 4 times (and only use the long-animation Entei at the end).
  • Probably for game balance, his Mode Change has a severe limitation: Entei can only be used once per transformation. It doesn’t matter if your Mode Change has not ended, Entei will be locked until your next Mode Change.
  • Entei’s other big flaw is its long animation. It takes about 5s to fully execute, which wastes your limited-time Mode Change buffed state if you use it early, since Ace is just posing immobile during it, and still vulnerable to elemental attacks.


At present, Ace is the top class glass cannon of OPTS, no contest. There’s a reason plazas were flooded with nothing but Ace for a time; For easier content/farming events, a team of three high-level Ace’s cleans everything up in record time, even if left on auto, and few bosses can survive an onslaught of well-timed consecutive Hikens by coordinated Ace. If you want an easy time for getting MVP every week for the mission without using the disconnecting trick, he’s also a top choice. For harder content like Toughest Events where every mob hits like a warship, generally all Snipers are a subpar choice because they’re dead in a couple of hits, but, with the dodge system, not impossible (see our video of Ace and crew defeating Lv 120 Aokiji and Akainu (just because we want it to happen) of a Toughest Event). As a bonus, in a later Fame event, you can earn three of his 4* Hiken just by farming 370K Fame points. If Hiken isn’t your thing, you can even opt for Enkai for extra coolness and explosions.


#2 Doflamingo

Sitting at #2 is the infamous Joker and his strings of death.

Basic Info

Faction Strength
Attack Physical
Auto-Skill Regular attacks have chance to inflict Fear
-10 (Water)


Fulbright (Lv 10: PWR 40170)
Throws strings downwards to impale his targets from above. Physical damage.
Overheat (Lv 10: PWR 40170)
Shoots a thick rope made of condensed strings from his palm and that pierces through his target. Physical damage.


Birdcage (Lv 10: PWR 164800)
Creates a birdcage with his strings that closes in on his targets and drags them into the center. Physical damage. Causes Fear.



  • Fear serves to make enemies run away from him; very useful on his regular attacks because you don’t want mobs near your paper-thin Snipers.
  • Overheat shoots very fast, which is useful for disrupting his target’s slower special moves.
  • Birdcage has a big AOE and is good for disrupting enemies as it first hits them with Fear before slowly dragging them in. While they are being dragged into one spot, it creates a good chance for teammates to throw their own Specials on them.
  • He is pretty good at mob-clearing. Other than Birdcage, Fulbright targets enemies in a circle (smaller than Birdcage) and is good for gathered mobs at a distance, while Overheat attacks targets in a column and is good for destroying targets running towards him.


  • Doflamingo specializes in physical damage and not a single element. If a boss resists physical damage (e.g. Sentomaru), keep Doflamingo away.
  • Fear is a double-edged sword. Be careful not to scatter the enemies with Fear when your teammate is about to throw a Special at where they were gathered.
  • Fulbright takes a moment to execute (while the strings come down), during which Doflamingo is stationary and vulnerable to attacks.
  • Birdcage doesn’t target but centers on himself. The long animation of dragging the target to the centre  becomes somewhat useless if there is only one target on the map.
  • In raw PWR stats, his Special loses out for being at a middling 164800 when the top Specials are at 200000++,


What can we say? Dofy likes to terrorize and toy with the masses. Support him with high DPS built for single targets because he is relatively slow with them. And as a side effect of being one of the first units (released in the 5th month of OPTS’s launch), his Special is lagging behind in DPS. Otherwise,  he has a pretty solid moveset built for causing widespread fear and damage. As a bonus, in his Fame event, you can earn three of his 4* Birdcage just by farming 370K Fame points.


#3 Ben

Ben Beckman, first mate of Redhaired Shanks and an actual sniper, takes the third spot as Top Snipers.

Basic Info

Faction Stamina
Attack Fire
Auto-Skill Buffs own Elemental Attack for a time.


Stops his target in place momentarily (Bind effect). Also buffs Elemental Attack of himself and allies nearby.
Sweep Rifle (Lv 10: PWR 50988)
Shoots at an enemy and Slows them. Fire damage.


“I’ll take care of this” (Lv 10: PWR 216300)
Shoots twice at the target and causes an explosion.Fire damage.



  • In raw PWR stats, his Special is the 2nd highest among the Snipers (highest if you only count Specials without penalties on the user), and currently 7th highest among all. Its explosion is AOE, which helps to clear/damage surrounding enemies.
  • “Don’t move a muscle” can immobilize a group of enemies at a time, or interrupt special moves, thus creating a chance for teammates and himself to dodge away from danger.
  • He is good at disrupting enemies in general. Other than “Don’t move a muscle”, Sweep Rifle slows enemies down and during his Special, the target will flinch at the first shot and be unable to move till the explosion is over.


  • “Don’t move a muscle” only immobilizes targets for a short while with no damage. Quite a waste of a slot on a high Attack Sniper.
  • “Don’t move a muscle” has a narrow range, it can be hard to immobilize more than a couple of targets if you don’t get the right angle.
  • The explosion of his Special is rather small in range. Enemies that are not your target are likely to get out of range if you didn’t immobilize them beforehand.
  • The other big flaw of his Special is its long animation. Ben is immobile during it, and vulnerable to attacks.
  • Some of the toughest bosses in the game, such as Akainu, fire dragons, Akainu, and Akainu, resist fire.


Ben hasn’t even had a proper fight in canon, if you couldn’t tell by the made up names of his made up moves. This hasn’t stopped him from taking a place in the top 3 snipers, however. If nothing else, his damage output is impressive. If Ace fights like a machine gun, Ben’s style in OPTS is like a cannon: none of the speed but a single blow does the job. As a bonus, (do you see a pattern yet), in his Fame event, you can earn three of his 4* Special just by farming 370K Fame points.


For other rankings, check here!

Note: Ranking polls will be on hold till the Middle Guard and Supporter classes get more characters.


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  1. Morkavhg says:

    Is ace’s first special (the fist) generally considered better than his transformation? I personally prefer it, but his second seems to have much higher power. I also don’t quite understand the “hidden” bonus it has.

    • Shu says:

      It’s better, no one I know has regretted pulling for it.

      Edit: It = Hiken. The first subject of the comment.

      • Swagkage says:

        Shu can u do a quick ulti breakdown hiken vs mode change in the comments cause my friends constantly say entei sucks

        • Shu says:

          Everything about the two SA is in the post, I have nothing else to add.
          Entei doesn’t suck. Hiken is just more op than it should be.

  2. wadde says:

    What type is perona? I would love to vote for her 🙂 shes my fav charakter at OPTS 🙂

  3. grzmow says:

    “Some of the toughest bosses in the game, such as Akainu, fire dragons, Akainu, and Akainu, resist fire.” That part literally cracked me up.

  4. Taher says:

    Please add ranking of other classes.

  5. hadd says:

    what is the secret behind Hiken

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