Character Ranking: Ambusher

Unsure whose gacha to play, or which character to build up? Check our ranking poll results collected from avid OPTS players — our readers! — and our review, and you may find your answer.

Note: This is for reference only, and your actual play experience may differ. Make sure to also take note of the date of the poll(s)!


With the 2nd highest base attack after Snipers (multiplier of 1.22x at 7*) and 3rd highest HP after Vanguards and Warriors (multiplier of 1.46x at 7*), Ambushers are the character type with middling stats leaning towards attack. Like Snipers, they’re good for short bursts of high damage but won’t survive for long in tough fights if you don’t switch them out once their job is done. However, they do survive better than Snipers, to make up for the relatively lower attack stat.

Poll Results

Poll 1
Period: 25 Jan 17 ~ 2 Feb 17
One vote per person

The Top 3

Incredibly, we have a tie for first place!

#1 Sabo 


The recognised “Number 2” of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo’s strength has him blazing to the (shared) top of our Ambusher poll.

Basic Info

Faction Wisdom
Attack Physical
Auto-Skill Skill cooldown time decreases along with number of attacks
-10 (Water)
+20 (Fire)


Ryu no Kagizume (Lv 10: PWR 40560)
Dashes to the targeted enemy and delivers an attack with physical damage.
Ryu no Ibuki (Lv 10: PWR 43800)
Sends an impact through the surrounding ground, dealing physical damage to enemies and causing Stun. Effect is higher at max charge.


Hiken (Lv 10: PWR 150000)
Jumps into the air and sends fire at the ground, dealing fire damage, and causing Burn.



  • Hiken has a fairly big AOE, and will help get rid of mobs surrounding the boss.
  • As a bonus, he’s temporarily safe from most attacks while throwing Hiken in the air.
  • His Hiken’s Fire damage is currently the highest outside the Sniper character type, and comes with Burn damage.
  • His skills leave useful status effects: P. Def debuff to aid teammates specializing in physical attacks and a small AOE Stun to temporarily incapacitate the enemies.
  • You can choose the timing to release Ryu no Ibuki, such as after waiting for more mobs to gather around.


  • You seldom have the time to allow Ryu no Ibuki to charge to full as he is vulnerable to attacks while it charges, and releasing it early means lower damage and effect.
  • Except for Hiken, he’s not the best at clearing mobs. His regular attack involves beating enemies with a pipe and at only a single strike each time. Ryu no Kagizume is similarly narrow-ranged.
  • All of his attacks and skills require him to get close to his target. For a class with low HP and defense, it’s really risky.
  • You hardly feel the benefit from his auto-skill. In tough fights, you are likely to run out of SP from spamming his skills and will have switch him out till he gets some SP back.



Sabo is most prized for his Hiken, which deals great damage to enemies and burns their HP down quickly… as long as they don’t resist fire or elemental damage in general. Except for that particular fleet admiral, and the occasional dragon (or Ace, or himself…), he’s great at taking down bosses with a well-timed Hiken. As a bonus, since he was a Fame Event reward, diligent players could get his Special Attack for free up to level 2. Furthermore, since his current skills are based on when he first acquired the Mera Mera fruit, Sabo’s potential and future growth remains yet to be seen!

We have separately written tips on playing Sabo, which you can find here.


#1 Mihawk


The world’s greatest swordsman, Shichibukai, Hawk Eye Mihawk, predictably takes a place as the top of his (character) class.

Basic Info

Faction Strength
Attack Physical
Auto-Skill Cooldown time decreases with defeating enemies


Kokutou: Zangeki (Lv 10: PWR 40560)
Heavy slash that can cut a ship into two. Physical damage.
Shippuu (Lv 10: SP 35)
Quickly approaches and stuns the enemy.


Kokutou Sanren: Zetsu (Lv 10: PWR 140000)
Strikes the enemy 3 times. Physical damage. Causes Wound.

Kokutou Sanren: Shou (Lv 10: PWR 166400)
Strikes the enemy 3 times. Physical damage.



  • His huge sword gives his normal attack a fairly wide range. His normal attack is 2 quick consecutive slashes each time. These make him pretty good at clearing mobs even between skill cooldowns.
  • Mihawk’s skills and Special Attack gives players a maneuverable range to strategise their attacks against enemy bosses: Zangeki and Shou can be used to attack from a distance, while Shippuu can be used to get close to the target quickly and stun them.
  • Shippuu activates almost immediately. It is a popular strategy for a team of Mihawks to coordinate and take turns stunning the target, who then barely gets a chance to move or attack while being slashed endlessly.
  • Both of his Special Attacks are good in their own way. Zetsu had lower power and range but Wound effect makes up for the damage, and Shou has no extra effects but hits harder and slightly wider.


  • Shippuu only stuns, without any damage. Compared to other skills that damage on top of stunning, it’s somewhat of a waste.
  • Mihawk specializes in physical damage and not a single element. If a boss resists physical damage (e.g. Sentomaru), keep Mihawk away.
  • His Special Attacks have their limitations: Zetsu has a relatively narrow range in front of him which enemies can run out of, while there is a delay between the first 2 and 3rd strikes in the execution of Shou.


Mihawk is a good character to grow with, being the reward in the first Fame Event (diligent players could get his Special Attack for free up to level 2); His skill damage (at 40k for Zangeki) was among the highest in early game, and he received a 2nd Special Attack at a subsequent fest event. Just as Zoro has grown to be a stronger swordsman under Mihawk, players who have played from the first Fame Event may have grown to become stronger with Mihawk. Despite the later emphasis on elements and increasingly stronger-stat new units, Mihawk remains a very reliable fighter in most situations.


#3 Kizaru

As one of the famed Admirals of the Marines, Kizaru ‘s spot among the top 3 is well-deserved, if slightly lower than what we expected!

Basic Info

Faction Speed
Attack Special
Auto-Skill Causes Blindness with his regular attack.
-10 (Water)


Yatanokagami (Lv 10: PWR 34320)
Moves forward at the speed of light. Causes Special damage and Stun to enemies in his path.
Amaterasu (Lv 10: PWR 28800)
Attacks surrounding enemies with light from his finger, dealing Special damage. Causes Confusion.
Amanomurakumo (Lv 10: PWR 51240)
Slashes at the enemy’s back with a blade of light, dealing medium Special damage. Causes Stun (duration: medium).


Laser Shousha (Lv 10: PWR 145000)
Shoots laser creating an explosion that causes Blindness and deals Special damage. Damage increases at max charge.

Yasakani no Magatama (Lv 10: PWR 180000)
From the air, releases bullets of light at a wide area in front of him, dealing large Special damage.



  • Kizaru’s skills Yatanokagami and Amanomurakumo allow him to basically ‘teleport’ a short distance while attacking. ‘Teleporting’ is a great way to avoid attacks. Two birds with one stone!
  • His Yasakani no Magatama is among the strongest in the current game based on damage at max level (180K). It also has a fairly big AOE and elevating into the air allows him to evade damage.
  • Amanomurakumo, his newest Skill, has excellent damage (51K), great auto-aim, and adds Stun as a bonus.
  • His auto-skill and skills leave a good variety of useful status effect (Stun, Confusion, Blindness) that momentarily disrupt enemy attacks.


  • His first two skills are among the lowest in power.
  • His regular attack has a narrow range and therefore not suited for clearing mobs.
  • His skills do not cover a wide area and are therefore not very effective at clearing large mobs.


Kizaru is what one expects of a Marine Admiral and a devil fruit user who controls the element of light. In OPTS, his strength lies mainly in avoiding attacks while ‘teleporting’ to strike his foes, and causing a variety of status ailments to leave enemies disoriented and open to attacks. Some bosses do resist status ailments, but very few resists all of them. As a bonus, players get to receive a free 4* copy of Laser Shousha during a previous Character Faction Medal Event. Definitely a great unit if you like utilizing status ailment in your battles!


For other rankings, check here!


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  1. J L says:

    Hmmm. I would put Koala at the top, or at least near it. I agree that Mihawk and Sabo are great at doing what they do. But Koala’s counter for survivability, def debuff, crit buff, and high dmg multi-hit special has a lot of internal synergy, and with allies. Snatching MVP isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Enel/Ace do that better.

    • Shu says:

      A few characters do get overlooked because their full potential isn’t shown unless in the right hands. Maybe you could do a post/vid on her 😉

  2. wadde says:

    Perona is a bully too i like her special

  3. Galactic says:

    you guys do an awesome job with showcasing characters and showing skills and stuff and i dont wanna ask of anything really ( honestly one of the best guide websites i’ve seen) could you list the other characters and there autos . if thats not to much trouble :O

    • Shu says:

      Their auto skills you mean? They’re almost all listed on their respective event pages, which you can locate from the tags.

      Maybe with Global’s playerbase growing there will hopefully be a proper English database for these soon!

  4. Ahsoka says:

    When are the next poll results coming out? That poll closed a while ago.

  5. Ariff says:

    Do u have ranking for medieval characters? Enel or boa etc

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