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About Ace and Hiken

Hello fellow… Stormers. We interrupt your stream of translation of boring, official news to bring you the exciting conclusion to the topic of the New World: “What is this Ace’s Hiken secret???” You want...


[Admin Post] New Event Timers

Hey everyone! We are very pleased to introduce our new member on board — RBA — who has been working with us to bring some exciting improvements to OPTS Momugi. The first of them is...


[Admin Post] Ranking Polls Voting

To the person(s) taking the trouble to submit multiple votes for one character: not cool. You can keep wasting your time; we’ll just delete all of your votes at the end of the poll....


Momugi’s Account Giveaway

Calling all Ace fans! The second Thousand Fest is about to begin so this time we’re giving away a starter (Rank 1) account with the following: 5* Ace Special Attack 5* Pre-TS Franky Special...


Momugi’s Account Giveaway

Hi everyone! We’re giving away a starter (Rank 1) account with the following: 5* Special: Lucy (Sabo), Chinjao 4* Special: Lucy (Sabo), Pre-TS Nami, 4* Skill: Lucy (Sabo) x1, Chinjao x1 95 rainbow coins This giveaway...

Law medals update 0

Law medals update

Law medals are available as a rare drop in the New Fishman Pirates event quests along with NW Luffy and Usopp. Check the CM campaign post for details and updates!



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