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October Storm Showdown

10 October 15:00 ~ 23 October 23:59 October Storm Showdown is coming soon! There are no changes from the last SS (see details here). Strengthen your deck and challenge the stages every month! None/to be...


Toughest Event: Redefining Justice

The 13th Toughest Event, Redefining Justice is going to start from 7 October 15:00. This is a no-continue stage; you will not be able to use rainbow coins to continue the stage if your party is wiped out....


Fame Event: The Ex-Admiral Vagabond

This Fame event will run from 30 September 15:00 to 6 October 23:59. Quest rewards will include medals of Kuzan and Smoker (Punk Hazard). 1. Kuzan is of Wisdom faction. Aokiji remains in Speed faction. They are otherwise...


Fest Event: Banquet of the Strong

The 6th Fest Event will begin on 20 September at 15:00 and end on 30 September 14:59. The featured characters are: You can farm for medals and skill cards of featured characters, and their...


September Storm Showdown

10 September 15:00 ~ 23 September 23:59 September Storm Showdown is coming soon (see details here)! Strengthen your deck and challenge the stages every month! 1. Stages will now be numbered for easier reference. 2....

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