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Kizuna Quest Difficulty Adjustment

Due to overwhelming feedback from players, OPTS has announced an adjustment to the Ajito-only kizuna quests (all 3 difficulties). The change will be effected from 19:00 on 19 Jan.


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 2

14 January 15:00 ~ 18 January 14:59 Pick-Up Char/SA: Vivi with Carue: Choukarugamobutai Saisoku no Hashiri Hancock: “You’re an eyesore!” Perona: Big Princess Kalifa: Golden Hour Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up...


Emerald Shop Update

15 Jan 15:00~ Emerald Shop will be updated with the 5* SA cards of Urouge, Capone Bege and Scratchmen Apoo. Their 4* SA cards will also have their exchange limit removed; you can exchange for...


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 1

10 January 15:00 ~ 14 January 14:59 Pick-Up Char/SA: Sengoku: Nehan Lucci: Mode Change: Cat-Cat Fruit Leopard Model NW Chopper: Kungfu Point NW Usopp: Rafflesia Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs...


January Maintenance

There will be maintenance on 12 January 2017 10:00~19:00 (ending time subject to change). Players will have to update their app version after the maintenance.   This maintenance will add a “low memory usage...


New Year Gacha

3 Jan 15:00 ~ 10 Jan 23:59 New Year Gacha is a special banner that contains only SA cards (4* or 5*, including EX). New Year Gacha comes in gold, silver, and bronze. You...


New: Bond Event

A new Bond kizuna event will begin on 15 January. Players can only play Bond kizuna quests from the Ajito (Alliance Plaza). Clearing Bond kizuna quests will earn Bond points, which will unlock different rewards. The total...


Ace Birthday Gacha

Happy Birthday Ace! To celebrate Ace’s birthday, a special gacha will be available for just 24 hours from 1 Jan 0:00 to 1 Jan 23:59.  For 30 coins, you get 11 cards, guaranteed to...


New Year 2018 Campaign

OPTS is having the following campaign to celebrate the coming new year: 1. New Year Gift Gacha 1 Jan 0:00 ~ 15 Jan 23:59 Free Multi-pull (one-time): guaranteed one 5* SA card. 2. New...

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