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Important Notice regarding LINE Binding

Due to changes in the services offered by LINE, players who have their OPTS account bound to their LINE account before 14 Dec 2017, are required to re-bind their account between 15 Dec 2017...


February Maintenance

There will be maintenance on 23 February 2017 10:00~17:00 (ending time subject to change), for updates. Players will have to update their app version after the maintenance. Check here for the update preview.


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 2

14 February 15:00 ~ 18 February 14:59 Pick-Up Char/SA: Big Mom: Croquembou~~che! Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ Judge: Denji Shaft Vergo: Onigireta Vergo Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs...


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 1

10 February 15:00 ~ 14 February 14:59 Pick-Up Char/SA: Akainu: Daifunka Ace: Kyoukaen Hancock: Homing Slave Arrow NW Law: Todesdoppel Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs and the skill cards...


February Update Preview

Several updates are coming in the February maintenance: 1. Increased Compatibility with iPhoneX The game will be patched to become more compatible with iPhoneX’s screen size. 2. Removal of Multi-Window Compatibility on Android Devices...


February Storm Showdown

10 February 15:00 ~ 23 February 23:59 Storm Showdown is returning this month! It will begin on 10th as usual. Ruby Shop has been updated. Missions (e.g. cleared Storm Showdown a number of times) have...

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