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Scene Cards

Faction Card

Starting 7 January 2017, Faction Cards will make their first appearance in OPTS. To celebrate the occasion, all players will… Continue Reading →

Upgrading your evolve cards

As of the update on 25 August 2016, you can now upgrade your evolve cards to the next rarity if… Continue Reading →

Skill Level

Each skill (and special) card has a skill level, which goes up to 10. In general, the higher your skill level,… Continue Reading →

Evolve materials required for each card type

Since you may have to wait up to one week to be able to farm a material, it is good to be prepared… Continue Reading →

Gacha guide

The Gacha in OPTS is pretty straightforward. It begins with listing the premium Gacha(s). A single pull costs 5 rainbow coins. Using… Continue Reading →

Evolve Materials Quest

Scene cards used for evolving your Skill scene cards are common drops in a recurring event that runs on a  weekly schedule… Continue Reading →

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