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Faction Card

Starting 7 January 2017, Faction Cards will make their first appearance in OPTS. To celebrate the occasion, all players will receive a 5* Speed Card (“Dereshishishi!”) in their giftbox from 7 January 15:00. About...


Skill Level

Each skill (and special) card has a skill level, which goes up to 10. In general, the higher your skill level, the higher the damage and the shorter the cool-down. For skills that do not deal damage (such as...

Evolve materials required for each card type 15

Evolve materials required for each card type

Since you may have to wait up to one week to be able to farm a material, it is good to be prepared in advance. Thankfully, there is a pattern to the required materials that depends on...


Gacha guide

The Gacha in OPTS is pretty straightforward. It begins with listing the premium Gacha(s). A single pull costs 5 rainbow coins. Using 50 coins often gets you 11 cards, but the bonus may vary. The date...


Evolve Materials Quest

Scene cards used for evolving your Skill scene cards are common drops in a recurring event that runs on a  weekly schedule for 24 or 48 hours each time (based on Japan’s timing). If you have...

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