Category: Quests


New: Character Log Quest

A permanent quest will be added to OPTS after maintenance on 7 March 2017. In the new permanent Character Log Quest, you can farm for selected event characters anytime you want. This quest only...


Faction Evolve Quest

Faction Cards Evolve Material Quest, or Faction Evo Quest, will run every week from Monday 0:00 to Friday 23:59 starting from 10 January 2017. There are 5 different types of evo materials used in evolving a Faction Card. The required...


Beli Quest / ベリークエスト

The Beli Quest runs for 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday. It mainly drops Beli cards, and you also get a good bit of Beli just from clearing the stage. Beli is used for upgrading characters, cards,...


Food Quest / 強化クエスト

It’s literally called strengthening quest, but we’ll call it food quest because its purpose is to drop food. Food cards give a lot of exp and are best used for quick leveling of your battle film cards. The Food Quest...


Evolve Materials Quest

Scene cards used for evolving your Skill scene cards are common drops in a recurring event that runs on a  weekly schedule for 24 or 48 hours each time (based on Japan’s timing). If you have...

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