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Titles and Emblems

Titles and Emblems have been added to OPTS in December’s update. There are 6 ranks of Titles. The higher the rank, the more difficult it is to unlocked (e.g. “Yonko” is a rank 6...


New Enemies

The April update will introduce new mob enemies. 1. Soldiers in Black SIBs are only weak to a few elements, which are shown as icons beside them (example below: Bash and Slash), and resist everything else. 2. Shield...


New Party Edit (June 2017)

The new Party Edit interface since June 2017 update has added a fair few things: 1. Party Edit now comes with 6 decks for you to edit members and equip cards. The cards equipped...


Symbols and their Meanings in OPTS

The official wiki still does not have this info up, so we’ve put together a quick guide for the players.   Elements/Attributes These symbols indicate the attribute of the skill/SA. Symbol Meaning Fire Water...


New Interface (March 2017)

This video walkthrough/demo mainly covers the changes on 7 March 2017. For anything not covered, check the old interface guide here. Make sure to turn Subtitles/CC ON. Recommended: 1.25x ~ 2x speed


New Limited Time Missions

To commemorate the official release of the new matching system, 5 new limited time missions have been added. Play multiplayer mode 30 times to clear all missions for a total of 15 Rainbow Coins, before they...


New: Character Log Quest

A permanent quest will be added to OPTS after maintenance on 7 March 2017. In the new permanent Character Log Quest, you can farm for selected event characters anytime you want. This quest only...


Beginner’s Guide/FAQ

This page will contain links to guides and summaries that should help you to get started and have an overview of how the game runs. Note that all times stated on this website are...


Global Server FAQ

This FAQ is specially for Global (English) server players, especially those who have not played the Japan server. If you are brand new, make sure to also read Beginner’s Guide, Basic Tips for Beginners, and More...

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