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Age Restriction in OPTS

In OPTS, you are asked to key in your date of birth when you start a new account. Your age… Continue Reading →

Friendcode List

This post will contain a list of Friendcodes in comments. Note that age restriction may prevent you from adding one another. Feel free… Continue Reading →

Account Exchange List

This post will contain a list of Accounts looking for trades or owners in comments. Real Money Trade is not allowed here and is… Continue Reading →

Alliance List

This post will contain a list of Alliances looking for members in comments. Feel free to add your Alliance in the… Continue Reading →

Gacha guide

The Gacha in OPTS is pretty straightforward. It begins with listing the premium Gacha(s). A single pull costs 5 rainbow coins. Using… Continue Reading →

Alliance / 同盟

Known as guild or clan in other games, in OPTS you can be part of an alliance. To unlock Alliance,… Continue Reading →

[Ended] Friend Campaign

There is a Friend Campaign going on from 21 April to 30 June 2016 23:59. Simply send 3 friend requests (you… Continue Reading →

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