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Bug Notice 16/12/16

OPTS has acknowledged the following two bugs and is working to fix them:

  1. Clearing a daily mission does not complete challenge 2 in Panel 2 of Beginner Challenge for some players
  2. Some players had their rainbow coins decreased for unknown reasons


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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12 Responses

  1. Alisson says:

    And how do I fix this bug?

  2. Avlis says:

    They havnt fixxed it yet. I just hope the people who are affected by this bug can still get the rewards when they do fix it.

  3. ANUBIS says:

    When are they gonna fix the damn bug?

  4. Alisson says:

    My bug fix was today.

  5. Spiegel says:

    Nothing about the game close alone ? Damn…
    I crash every 5 minutes…
    I hope a fix soon…

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