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Bug Fix 21/12/2016

As of an announcement dated 21 December 2016 (last updated at 22:14), OPTS has fixed the following bugs in app version 1.9.3:

  • Some players could not complete the “Daily Mission” challenge of Beginner’s Panel #2 even if they cleared the daily mission
  • Some players have lost the rainbow coins they got as reward from the Beginner’s Panels
  • Some players did not get Zoro’s 5* Special card when they complete the Beginner’s Panels
  • App hanging when an error message pops up when some players change plaza
  • Frequent app crash on the evolve card screen

This means that you have updated to 1.9.3, the above bugs should not happen to you anymore.

For players already affected by the bug, after updating your app,

  • If you could not complete the “Daily Mission” challenge, clear today’s daily mission to complete the “Daily Mission” challenge of Beginner’s Panel #2
  • If you have already cleared today’s daily mission, tap on mission again, then tap on Beginner’s Panel, and it should complete
  • If you did not get Zoro’s 5* Special card when you completed the Beginner’s Panels, tap on Beginner’s Panel and you should receive it
  • If you lost the rainbow coins you got as reward from the Beginner’s Panels, the missing rainbow coin(s) and the compensation will be sent and announced in a few days


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8 Responses

  1. Amos says:

    I have updated the app but the beginner challenge panel still doesn’t do anything with the daily mission panel even I have cleared it.

    • Mushroom says:

      Try clearing today’s daily mission. Or if cleared, tap on mission then the beginner challenge panel. Also doublecheck that your version number starts with 1.93.

  2. SYAIFUL says:


  3. Zoro- Senpai says:

    Guys, I’ve maxed the luck stat of two of my chars and I didn’t get the reward from the beginner challenge panel #3. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

  4. Lemuel says:

    I been using the storm character to try to clear zoro panel 2. But still can’t.

    • Shu says:

      Unless it’s a bug affecting everyone on the server, it just means you did it wrong. Can’t say anything without knowing which char you used in which event.

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