Bind your OPTS account to Social Network Service (SNS)

As of the app update on 23 June 2016, you can now bind your OPTS account to your social media account. Currently, the only option given is Facebook.

Update 27/10/2016: the option for Twitter is added.

Binding to your Facebook/Twitter

To do so, follow the steps here, but choose Facebook or Twitter. You can also un-bind your account later by going through the same steps, and bind it with a different FB/Twitter account.

Moving to another device

After binding, you can use the same steps to log-in to the game with your social media account if you are changing to a different device. (Note that your rainbow coins will still be reset to zero if it’s a move between iOS and Android, either direction.) Your OPTS account will be removed from the old device, so you can still only play on one device at one time. The good news is that you will not have to worry about 7-day expiry of one-time PIN and the maximum-twice-in-30-day transfer rule (note that you can still choose the one-time PIN as a method to transfer your account if you prefer not to use FB/Twitter).

To ‘log-in’, click on the button at the top left of the title screen and choose the top button of the right column, choose Yes, then you will see Facebook, Twitter, and PIN options.

Then choose Facebook or Twitter and key in your FB/Twitter details. Do not use Private Browsing.



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32 Responses

  1. irwans says:

    how to unbind?

  2. Gambino says:

    Can I delete the game and then redownload it and play the same account?

  3. Frenchie's says:

    I have QooApp version and SNS save doesn’t want to work.

  4. Frenchie's says:


  5. Olivia says:

    Does the box window with the check-mark notifying you that your game data will be erased if you delete your account still appear even after you bind your account with SNS?

    I’m pretty certain I’ve bound my account to Twitter yet i’m still getting that notification when I start up the app. I really don’t want to lose my save data, I’m over rank 75!

    Is there a way to be certain that my account is bound? Thanks.

    • Shu says:

      I’ve bound mine too and it always show up, so don’t worry.

      If you try to bind it again, at the screen where it lets you choose between fb or Twitter, if it says Twitter連携中 then you’ve bounded successfully.

      • Olivia says:

        Oh alright, just to be sure I’m getting the following message (from an OCR extract):
        Twitterとの連携を解除 しますヵ` ?

        Is that asking me if I want to cancel because my account is already bound? (sorry ^^,)

  6. Onur says:

    Can i transfer my account(on jp server) to global ?

  7. zuko says:

    just lost my account. I was getting lots of crashes making it unplayable, but I didn’t know that binding on Facebook is already available in Global nor the 2x transfer limit. So I unninstalled my game to reinstall it again, but for my surprise my transfer code doesn’t work. I’ll never play this game again. How come this useless limit nonsense when the game is so full of glitches? That’s just a disrespect. I had 6 characters with 6 stars and all this for nothing.

  8. Cadn3a says:

    So…all I get is this error when trying to transfer.

    A communication error occured. Please check your internet connection/mobile reception and try again.Error code:S1

    • Shu says:

      The error messages usually don’t indicate the real problem tbh.

      I think Global has its own set of bugs I’m not even sure the SNS binding is 100% working there. Better check with the Global players chat if not the people running Global.

  9. Cadn3a says:

    Guys you can only transfer with FB 2 times and code 2 times. If its just a bug this S1 then it would be over in 2 days? Second day I tried to transfer but last time I transfered accounts was like 4 days ago? So the issue might be a bug but also if you exceeded 2 times to transfer with FB then you have to wait like 30 days I think or so? Same with the code. So mutch for the unlimited transfers. May work on JP but not on global, keep that in mind. I unbinned my main and binned it on another fb account. Still got the S1 error 😛 So I highly assume it has limits like the code generator.

    Momugi’s website is mainly based on JP server so unlimited may apply on JP server only.

    Just a warning to global people.

    And sorry Shu for pestering you haha.

    Great website btw 🙂 love it

  10. Cadn3a says:

    Indeed. Btw I started playing on jp version today. So far love the new interface

  11. Cadn3a says:

    Indeed it is. Yet I made a stupid move by transferring from Android(emulator) to iOs(iphone/phone) and lost 200 rc. Darn! Oh well will just farm story mode etc for rc instead so I can spend something on the Thousand Fest that is comming soon!

  12. Mohoyoyo says:

    I have problems when i try to transfer my data, A communication error occured. Please check your internet connection/mobile reception and try again.Error code:S1 and i don’t know how the facebook link works, i guess that i have it linked by facebook cause i followed the steps that u told, but when in the new device i go to the facebook link, there is not an option that say you if you can log in with face, just say if u want to link this another accunt to facebook, so i don’t know how it works

    • Mushroom says:

      Global FAQ and other players have said that the facebook linking on Global is bugged. Try again after it’s fixed.

  13. Cadn3a says:

    Yes. They are working on it. Was announced 1 day ago. Since its the weekend it might not be now. But for this upcomming week they should be able to fix it

  14. nami says:

    who lost his account and recovered it back

    I lost my account because mistaking bind/unbind, and already deleted my data.

    Do you have any suggestion?

    • Mushroom says:

      Sorry to hear that but there’s no other known way of retrieving an account so far. You can try emailing them, but it has to be in Japanese and does not guarantee success.

  15. Jinn says:

    Can you help me ? My FB account still bound .
    I tried to delete apk in fb nothing change

    Can i unbound ??

    • Shu says:

      Yes you can unbind, and bind to a new FB account.

      Basically, choose the Facebook option again on the title screen, and then choose pink to confirm (it asks you “Are you sure you want to unbind Facebook account?”).

      After that, do the same steps, to bind to a new Facebook account.

  16. Alex Ungureanu says:

    is it possible to bind on same fb account a second game account? i mean delete first one and bind a second new one? ( reset the game account from fb)

    • Belix says:

      Yes, you can bind the same fb account to a 2nd game account – just unbind your first game account from your fb account first before deleting.

      Do note that upon unbinding and then deleting, all data on your first account will be permanently gone.

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