This page will contain links to guides and summaries that should help you to get started and have an overview of how the game runs. Note that all times stated on this website are in Japan time (JST).

Currently, all information on this blog is for the Japan server, started in April 2016. A lot of things do not apply to Global server (started in January 2017) yet. For Global-specific information, please see this post.

Getting the Game

  1. Download the game; Some of the methods are listed here.
  2. Make sure to read about Age Restriction in OPTS, the date of birth you use to sign up affects your gameplay greatly.
  3. Use our Interface guide (see both old and new) to understand how to set up your account, what the menus and error messages are, and generally find your way around the game.
  4. If you don’t like what your account has been getting and wants to reset it, check the how to re-roll post.
  5. Make sure to bind your account to FB or Twitter (unlimited transfers) so that you don’t lose the account, or use the one-time PIN (2 transfers a month). Rainbow coins are lost if you move your account from Android to iOS or vice versa.

Basics of the game

  1. To get a character, you farm for their character medals on story islands or event islands. Event ones are generally stronger. The highest rarity you can upgrade a character to is 7-star.
  2. Each character is one of 6 types in OPTS. This affects their stats and battle style.
  3. Each character is also one of 5 Factions in OPTS. This affects their performance in certain events, and bonus stats they get from Faction Cards.
  4. Each character has an auto-skill that passively affects how they perform in battle.
  5. It is also good to increase your luck stat on your most often used character(s) for a chance of extra chest drops.
  6. Rainbow coins cost real money to buy. You can earn limited number of coins in game as first-clear bonus for stages, by completing missions, via login bonus, and more. They are used to revive in battle if you die, expand inventory space, and play the coin Gacha.
  7. The Gacha gives you scene cards, which you can equip on your characters. Read the gacha guide for OPTS here.
  8. Scene cards give stats boost to your characters, and some of them also grant the characters skills (Skill card) or special attack (Special card). Read about skill level here and evolving scene card here.
  9. Check here for general tips about the game such as battles and inventory, and more tips here.
  10. Clear the Beginner Challenge for some great rewards.


Last updated: 11/03/17

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