Beginner Challenge is here! There are 3 panels of challenges, each laid out in a 3×3 grid. Each challenge gives a reward, and completing one panel will give you a bigger reward (complete bonus) as well as unlock the next panel.

We numbered the challenge in each panel as:


Panel 1
Complete Bonus: Rainbow Coin x30, NW Zoro (Dressrosa) medals x42

  1. Clear the tutorial
  2. Clear 1 quest
  3. Defeat Tashigi
  4. Equip a Special card on the character it belongs to (note: excludes Pre-TS Luffy)
  5. Level up a scene card
  6. Obtain 3 characters
  7. Upgrade a character
  8. Defeat Smoker
  9. Login for 2 days

Panel 2
Complete Bonus: NW Zoro (Dressrosa) medals x240

  1. Play for 5 cards from Friend-point Gacha
  2. Clear a daily mission
  3. Clear an evolve material quest
  4. Upgrade a character to 6*
  5. Equip 10 cards on a 6* character
  6. Evolve a scene card to 5* (gold)
  7. Level up the skill level of a skill card
  8. Level up the skill level of a skill card to skill level 5
  9. Use a Storm Character in a corresponding event

Panel 3
Complete Bonus: 5* Great Dragon Shock (NW Zoro Special) x1

  1. Equip Support Characters
  2. Bind your account to Facebook/Twitter
  3. Clear the last quest in Dressrosa (Hard) in story mode
  4. Boost the skill exp of a Special card
  5. Obtain 10 scene cards of 4* (silver) or higher
  6. Evolve a scene card to 6* (rainbow)
  7. Level up the skill level of a skill card to skill level 10
  8. Max the luck stat of a character (note: if it doesn’t complete, go to edit party, switch your team member up then check the panel again)
  9. Upgrade a character to 7*


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