Basics of evolving

Scene cards can be evolved to increase their rarity and maximum stats. Each card can be evolved a maximum of twice, so if you have a 2-star card and evolve it twice, it will become a 4-star card and cannot be evolved further. Note that 6-star is the maximum rarity in this game so a 5-star card can only be evolved once. This means that to get a 6-star card you need to use a 4-star or 5-star as a base to evolve with.

To evolve a card, you need to meet 3 conditions:

  1. The base card has to be at maximum level
  2. The required beli, and
  3. 2-3 types of evolve materials (check here for when and how to farm them)


  • If you have locked the card, it will become unlocked after evolving so remember to do it again if you want it locked.



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10 Responses

  1. oscar says:

    HI, do you know any faster way to get the gold evolve materials without upgrading them ? thank you

  2. Vinsmoke says:

    hello there, i was trying to evolve rebecca scene card “he is like a father to me” and everything was going smoothly until the card reached 4 star, after that the card stoped showing up on the evolve screen and is so weir because when i jump to enhance or sell options the card is there! i dont know what to do, should i try to contact bandai namco or maybe theres other way to fix this? thanks for hearing me out

    • Vinsmoke says:

      UPDATE: send a mail to bandai namco but for the time being the olny way i found to “fix this” is not upgrade that certain scene, instead just use it to upgrade another card with the same skill, man this sucks if were to happen with more scene cards ill go insane, is really annoying.

      • Vinsmoke says:

        i feel so dumb after read the post carefully, the card i was talking about was a 2 star, so after evolve it to 3 and 4 it makes perfect sense it doesnt even appear on the evolve screen anymore hahaha. Thanks a lot for such detailed info man.

  3. monstertop says:

    What’s the difference between the different successes like “ultra success” and “super(?) success”, etc. Do those give you a boost in how much stat increases?

    • Shu says:

      They just give you more card exp. You can tell by observing the preview card level before fusing. When you get ultra/super success, you get to a higher level than previewed.

  4. Panfilo says:

    How do you farm gold or silver skill cards? Is it only available through Gaptcha

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