Basic Tips for Beginners

These are suggestions that should benefit players who are just starting out and feeling a little lost. As you play more, you would probably find your own way to do things that better suit your play-style.

  1. Managing inventory
    • Consider expanding bag size; 1 rainbow coin opens 5 extra slots. Almost all players have to expand after some months in a game like this so buying the convenience early is better than late. Click on the circled button to expand bag size: Removed in an update. Everyone gets the maximum bag size of 500.
      You get this screen when your cards exceed your bag space.
    • Sell all money cards for beli, they have no other purpose
    • Feed food cards to your high rarity scene cards. If you want to store some food for an upcoming card evolution, use up the lower ones and store the highest rarity food you have; you store more exp and keep more free space.
    • Don’t bother feeding with cards that are non-food. Feeding with non-food cards gives too little exp to be worth the beli cost.
    • Lock the cards you want to keep so that you do not accidentally sell or feed with them.
    • Keep all Special () cards. They are at minimum 4-star and can be used as stats card at lv 100 (after upgrade to 6-star) even if you don’t use the character the Special belongs to.
    • Don’t sell any skill () cards. Even a 2-star skill card gives 100 skill exp to a card of the same skill, so fuse them into one another. Only sell if you have maxed that skill level or have decided to never use the character.
    • Any evolve material cards (進化) below 3-star (i.e. green and blue border) can be freely sold, unless you intend to evolve 3-star or lower cards. If you keep track of exactly how many of each evolve materials you need (which you should), you can sell the rest. Just never sell gold evolve materials, they are notoriously hard to farm for and you may need it one day for a new card. Evolve cards no longer can be sold.
    • Finally, sell regular scene cards that are below 3-star. Once you have enough >4-star for your characters (including Supports), you can even sell the 3-star regular scene cards if you want to.
  1. Gacha and characters

    • The permanent characters you can get in Story mode: pre-timeskip Strawhats + Rebecca, are considerably weaker than Event characters. Aim to max (6*) a character from an event or Dressrosa Zoro from the Beginner Challenge, and then you can safely ignore the permanent characters (unless for use as Supports), with the possible exception of Pre-TS Chopper for his Panacea Special.
    • In general, try to save up and play the 10+1 for 50 coins for the extra card.
    • Each Event Gacha will give boosted rates for the cards of the featured event characters.
    • Speaking (very) generally, it’s best to save your coins for Fame Event Gacha or Thousand Fest Gacha, as they usually feature the stronger characters.
    • Generally it is recommended to max out the character if you got their Special in the gacha. If you choose to do so, having their 4-star skill cards will help too. Events involving that character typically award you with one or two 3-star skill card of theirs (and you can farm the 2-star in quests), which means they can be evolved up to 5-star. Getting the 4-star skill from the gacha will help you get closer to an all 6-star-cards unit instead of having two slots taken up by 5-star, so you may want to use more coins on that particular gacha even if it means missing the 10+1 bonus.
    • Definitely play Friendpoint gacha whenever you can for a chance at 5-star cards and more.
  1. Battle
    • Auto is in fact Semi-Auto mode. With Auto on, you can still tap on an enemy to target, and tapping on the ground makes the AI run to that spot before it continues to try to attack the target.
    • You can now Swipe and Hold for more control.
    • Make use of the above to evade attacks; make sure to move away if you are surrounded by mobs. Bosses’ special attack’s range is shown in red seconds before it hits, so try to get away.
    • Enemy snipers cause a lot of damage when left alone. Most of the time the AI would target the front line enemies and be shot to death while caught up in the fist fight. Kill off snipers (and equivalent such as rock-throwing gorillas) first.
    • Enemies fallen onto the ground receive more damage (shown as Chain damage) so try to make use of that.
    • When entering the next map, HP and SP of all characters (even KO-ed ones) recover about 20% and skill cool-down is reset. You also regain about 50% SP when it’s Fever time, so don’t be shy about using those skills and specials on the mobs.
    • Using skills and Specials is the only thing that charges the Fever gauge, so that’s another reason to unleash skills on mobs. (Don’t go overboard, though.)
    • The Fever gauge is shared. The game may be flashing insistently at you to tap on it once it is full, but doing so without thinking is a good way to piss off your teammates.
    • Other than recovering SP, Fever time shortens skills’ cooldown time and halves the SP cost. Generally, players want the Fever gauge to be full or almost-full when they reach the boss, so either save it all the way, or use it at the start of map 2 or earlier, where you have time to charge it to full again. It kind of depends on the map you’re on so if you are unsure, leave it to your teammates (who, hopefully, know what they are doing). AI teammates do not activate Fever time.
    • Learn how to chain your skills. Some skills cause stun or sleep on the enemy, and some skills require the enemy to stay in place for your skill to connect.
    • On a similar vein, if your teammate has stunned the boss and is going to use a special attack like Diable Jambe (which spins in place), try not to use a skill that will send the boss flying, and vice versa.
    • If both your characters are KO-ed, don’t be so quick to retire/quit stage. You are revived if there is another map to enter. Even if you are at the final boss stage, if your teammates manage to defeat the boss without you, in OPTS you will revive at the end to celebrate with them and get loot. Last but not least, your teammate may choose to use a coin if they get KO-ed after you. Using a coin puts all ally characters to full HP and SP along with a full Fever gauge. If you have left the battle your characters will revive as AI but you don’t get any loot. So in general, it is better to stick around until all hope is lost. To stick around, simply don’t choose anything the game menu offers you (which is “retire” or “use a coin”). The menu will hide itself after a while and return at a tap.
    • For harder stages, it’s generally advisable to clear the mobs (especially snipers!) before focusing on the boss. In some cases, however, it may be better to charge the boss(es). Depending on the battle and your teammate, you can have someone in charge of clearing the snipers while the others charge the boss.
    • Healer tips: because of the SP/Cooldown benefit between maps, it’s a good idea to heal everyone just before entering the boss map. You can even purposely leave one mob alive to do so. Most healing skills are small range, so teammates should run to the healer if they need healing because healers are not warriors or tanks and die fairly quickly if they try to get up close to the boss to reach the teammates.
    • You can cut your connection temporarily to play the battle in offline mode (player characters become AI-controlled) if you find the need to (e.g. another player is in manual mode and afk). Lucky Bonus of each player still has a chance to occur.

Part 2 is here.

Is there anything we missed out, or something you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Last update: 9 January 2017


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6 Responses

  1. Sudharsan says:

    Is there any advantage to equipping the same category of cards on a character.

    For instance, if I equip ambushers to Kizaru, these cards blink, does it give me any additional stats boosts?

    • Mushroom says:

      Yup, you get an additional stat boost when you equip a character with cards of the same type. This bonus can be seen from the numbers in red under the detailed stats screen.

      Basic Status screenshot

      The boost is relatively small though, so it is possible that equipping a card of a different type with higher rarity and level is still better than a lesser card with the same type bonus.

  2. Hyph says:

    swipe and hold functions don’t work for me? any idea why?

  3. dkun says:

    Hey guys,
    I see people with up to 350,000 total strength, could be due to new gem stones system that boosts stats greatly. But anyways how to get to 300k tstreangh mark?
    You guys provided tips like spending 300 coins on one character, I understand it increases likelyhood of getting more SA cards and upgrading SA Level boosts up strength.
    Any other tips? cause I’m struggling to get to 200k


    • Belix says:

      To get into the 300k range, besides the 7* training you saw, all of your equipped cards should be at 7* rarity (except for skill cards, since their highest rarity is capped at 6*) and at faction/type level 10 (level 8 for skills cards). Your skill levels should be maxed out, and go for equipping dual SA at high SA levels each.

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