Each character has their own auto-skill that takes effect during battle randomly or if certain conditions are met.

Information translated from official wiki and supplemented with play experience.

(Pre-timeskip Sabaody costume version)

If you see enemies spouting anger marks, it’s Luffy’s Troublemaker skill in effect. Something like this game’s taunt/aggro, it draws enemy attention to him.

NW version: In addition to taunt, he gets an attack buff.

Zoro recovers a little HP every time he defeats an enemy (must deal the finishing blow).

NW version: Regains a little SP along with HP.

Nami raises the elemental defense of herself and the allies near her.

NW version: The same.

Usopp’s Critical rate increases as his HP decreases.

NW version: The same.

Sanji gets an attack buff depending on the number of female allies in the battle. Conversely, don’t expect him to attack ladies, ever. To be more specific, if you’re on Auto and his target is locked onto a lady, he starts emitting hearts and runs towards her, and you cannot move him away or switch him out. Turn off Auto to switch characters. In fact, you can make him attack if you fight on manual mode (but why would you do that to him?).

NW version: He gets speed buff on top of the attack buff.


Chopper increases the Critical rate of allies near him, and decreases Dodge rate of enemies near him.


Robin increases her own dodge rate.

NW version: In addition to her dodge buff, she may lower the attack of enemies near her.

Brook can revive one time (per battle) if he is KO-ed.

NW version: After revival, he gains attack buff temporarily.

Law removes status ailments of allies who are in the range of his ROOM.

Rebecca’s Dodge rate increases as her HP decreases.

For new characters, please check the post about the Event they first appear in using the character tags.

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