Anniversary Toughest Event: Marine’s Full Force

27 Apr 15:00 ~ 7 May 23:59

Clear all 4 stages of this event to receive prizes such as 6* evolve materials and a vanguard stat card boasting “highest stats so far”.


Clear each stage 5 times for rewards such as 5* food and 6* evolve material.

Boss details and reward list on wiki:


The rewards are 6* evolve materials.

  • Clear Aokiji stage on S rank
  • Clear Akainu stage on S rank
  • Clear Sengoku stage on S rank
  • Clear Sengoku stage with PC Luffy+Ace
  • Clear Sengoku stage with PC Luffy+Sabo
  • Clear Sengoku stage with PC Ace+Sabo

Storm Characters (Toughest Event) will get boosted HP and Attack when used in the Toughest Event stages. The Storm Characters this time are:

+200% HP, +200% Attack

  • PC Ace
  • PC Sabo
  • PC Shanks
  • PC Luffy

+100% HP, +100% Attack

  • NW Chopper
  • Vivi with Carue

This post will be updated if more information becomes available so check back for updates!


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9 Responses

  1. waddedi says:

    oh god and i spend all my coins to shanks and now he is not even in the missions list 🙁 so sad xD but thanks a lot for the advice there! Keep the good work up m8’s!!!

  2. AleMustDie says:

    Clear just Kizaru in 8:52 minutes.
    I used Shanks 187k and Ace 177k.

    We won. And that was a miracle. It’s pretty impossible.
    They are crazy.

    140000? What?

  3. Gkaizoku says:

    How to level up skill card sabo SA lv5, 4* (already evolved to 6*)

    • Mushroom says:

      Not sure what you mean by “level”. If you meant evolve, bases can only be evolved 2 rarities. 4* evolves to max 6*. Only 5* evolves to 7*.

      • Gkaizoku says:

        I meant I can’t max my special ability card to lvl 10. How to lvl up that special ability card

        • AleMustDie says:

          Do you mean SA Level?
          You need more 4* or 5* SA Cards. You inject them into your main Card. Need maaaany 4*.
          If you’re lucky to get more 5* SA, you get higher Level faster… just fuse them….

          Oooor, you have to use Kureha Cards given to Fame Events… if you get an high position…

          • Gkaizoku says:

            Many thanks man! I will do that, guess I’ll have to gacha again for more rare cards and wait for fame events.

  4. Ori says:

    That 140k power level just for Kizaru’s stage is a huge scam. Must’ve been at least 170k or so -__-; but it’s the healer enemy that is the real nuisance, constantly bring Kizaru’s HP back when he’s almost defeated, the bastard.

    • Shu says:

      It’s just a bare minimum to keep out lower stats players to try the stage, I guess.

      Yeah the key is to get rid of the new mobs that buff or heal.

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