Anniversary Fest Gacha

Here is a quick summary of the available gacha banners.

1. Free Gacha
Free single pull, which you can tell from the 0 coin. One-time. Guaranteed to get old or new voiced SAs of the four Anniversary units at 4* or 5*.

2. Guaranteed SA Step-Up Gacha
This is a 4-step gacha, which you can tell from the 1/4~4/4 depending if you have done any steps.

  1. 50 coins: 11 cards, includes 1 guaranteed SA of the Pick-Up Character
  2. 50 coins: 11 cards, includes 1 guaranteed SA of the Pick-Up Character
  3. 50 coins: 11 cards, includes 1 guaranteed SA of the Pick-Up Character
  4. 1 coin: 11 cards, includes 1 guaranteed SA of the Pick-Up Character

3. Regular Premium Gacha

This is for players who want to pull more after finishing all the 4 steps above. The rate-up for the Pick-Up Character still applies. Also, all cards in the gacha are the same Type as the Pick-Up Character (e.g. if Ace is the Pick-Up Character, it’s a Sniper-only gacha, with increased rates for Ace’s cards).

For 50 coins, you get 11 cards, includes 1 guaranteed 4* skill (or SA) card of the featured character.


Schedule of Pick-Up Character and their Gacha
21/4~8/5: Ace (Hiken not included in guarantee)
23/4~8/5: Shanks
25/4~8/5: Sabo
27/4~8/5: Luffy (Redhawk not included in guarantee)
29/4~8/5: Chopper, and Vivi with Carue


Blackbeard and Whitebeard’s new SA will be coming in later gacha banners!


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19 Responses

  1. mojo says:

    what do you mean by “will be coming in later gacha banners”? will they come out during this event (until 8/5)? or after that event?

  2. Idaf says:

    Decided to do full Ace step-up. It was a little bit of a letdown, still missing one of his skill cards, but I did get Hiken up to lv7 and his new voiced special with a few dupes!
    Can’t wait to see what the feature for equipping multiple SAs will be like, might be useful for these different Ace specials

  3. :) says:

    Shu! I have a question.I pulled on a shanks banner.Then the game restarted and I had all Shanks Scene Cards in the gift box.I did the same thing again with another Account, but this time it was different.I didnt got all shanks scene cards (including 5*’s) and the game did not restart that time.What is this supposed to mean.Is there a special time ,where you could get nothing but all scene cards for the featured character for 50 gems ?

    • Shu says:

      I think it’s just luck tbh. Rare but not impossible, being warriors-only gacha.

      • :) says:

        Shu! I dont think its rare ,I think I discovered something new (probably a bug) but Im not sure.I tried it a couple times and it worked.I tried it on the shanks banner and Im not sure if it works for the other banners.You spend 50 gems for the 4 step banner ,once it says loading you immediately turn off your wifi connection.Then it says something about error 101 and your game restarts.Then you have all two 5* specials of the featured character (for example shanks) in your gift box.I started a new Account and tried that “trick” again and it worked.Im not sure if this is a bug or something.But it looks like its a guaranteed way to get both 5* specials for only 50 gems.

  4. bidoof says:

    Are the SA’s for Chopper and Vivi with Carue Garanteed? And are they in the same gacha?

  5. Bluerin says:

    I have a little question how can i up ace to 7* (I talked about the new Ace) i didn’t find him to thé cristal market

  6. nami says:

    Shu I have a question, do you think the sake cups of three brothers boost damage/ increase the crit multiplier of SA or just make crits more guaranteed? Because what i know, the crit multiplier is around x2.5, but somehow some players can make damage around 1 million

    • Shu says:

      Not sure tbh. There’s no official info on that and the skill description only says ‘higher chance of critical’.

  7. Bob says:

    Wait flame fist is not in guarantee

  8. joão says:

    One thing I wanted to know, the game goes from the 200 raimbow all at once ?? On the first day of event ?? I AM OBSERVING THE GLOBAL SSRVIDOR, AND THIS EVENT COMES SOON

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