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This post will contain a list of Alliances looking for members in comments.

Feel free to add your Alliance in the comments. Please only post once. Comment again to remove.


Guild Name: Straw-hats

Guild ID: 9999

Guild Rank: 1

Current members: 5/10

Age limit: 18 and above

Any info: Competitive guild. LF members at Rank 20+ or 30k+ stats. Pls login and donate AP daily. Reply here with your ID/name to join.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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48 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    I need clan

  2. Knine says:

    Alliance name: Dollars
    ID: 111531
    1 member, just created today
    Anyone can join preferably active players

  3. Spiegel says:

    Alliance name : CP9
    ID : 132305

    Join the alliance, the name is collector !

  4. dari brebes says:

    aliiance name : Indonesa
    ID : 140312

    anyone can join free..
    need friend aliiance
    lvl : 150

  5. J L says:

    You guys are certainly the best English resource for the game. Thanks for the continuous updates.

    It would be neat if you guys started an OPTS Discord chat for the site.

    • Shu says:

      Yeah it sounds like fun. It’s just we don’t currently have the time to set up and keep an eye on a chat room but we’ll think about it.

  6. joshia says:

    invite me : thelegend27 ( not joking )

  7. Senior says:

    Error 51 Wtf ?

  8. Senior says:

    Error code: S1

  9. kevin says:

    alliance id: 14783

  10. Lazarus Smith says:

    global server
    accepting all

  11. Tong says:

    Add me please, Japanese server

    ID 24211852, rank 37

  12. Faisal says:

    My id : 15279546

  13. Bewiz09 says:

    japanese server rank 37. add me guys .. my id 26050302

  14. Yogesh says:

    Alliance name: Amravati
    New alliance anyone interested join

  15. DJ-IlI says:

    I have problems withe this game!
    Error code s26 cant use rainbowgems…
    and error code S1
    Cannt transfer my data…. 🙂

  16. Xavier says:

    LF Alliance

  17. Gomj says:

    Alliance name: Toonami

    Alliance ID: 18943

    Alliance current rank: 3

    Policy: Beginners OK

    Members: I will add as alliance rank goes up. 15/15 at the moment

  18. Killotz says:

    Anybody has an alliance slot available? Would be good to have an English speaking one for the coming alliance-only quests

  19. GENIUS says:

    Join 18877
    Name: Revolt
    Type: Casual

    • Killotz says:

      I can’t seem to find the alliance using that ID (or maybe I’m not searching it right). How about inviting me instead?


  20. ferocious says:


  21. taher says:

    need alliance.
    my id 33963291

  22. Ori says:

    If anybody in need of English speaking alliance in JP server, please feel free to reply with your game ID so I could send you invitation.

    Alliance Name: OPTS_En (yea I know, really creative of me)
    ID: 207256

  23. Butter says:

    If anyone is looking for a casual English speaking guild, feel free to join! \o/
    ID: 207606
    Name: Goronyan
    Rank: 1
    Type: Casual
    Current members: 2/10

  24. panji prasetio says:

    I need alliance in global server , my char 112k str

  25. Darren says:

    Guild Name: D

    Guild ID: 188628

    Guild Rank: 5

    Current members: 8/10

  26. BrightStrom says:

    Alliance BTS pour joueur français ou joueuse française
    venez nombreux tout joueur ou joueuse accepter

  27. BrightStrom says:

    Alliance BTS
    rank 5
    membre actif et entraide !

  28. Birule says:

    Please invite me JP server ID: 44979534

  29. RexZ says:

    Guild Name : Storm D
    Guild ID : 225844
    Guild Rank : 4
    New Guild
    Looking For active players…Welcome All English n Chinese…

  30. Wanted says:

    Need help!!! Been searching for alliance team but i not sure how it is done..does anyone kind enough to invite me instead…prefer English speaking..i am active server id 42548144

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