Account backup/transfer

For OPTS, there is currently no way to permanently bind your account to your email address or anything else other than your device.

23 June 2016 update: You can now bind your account to your Facebook account. Check here for the steps. You can no longer use the one-time code.

7 March 2017 update: You can use one-time code again.

As with many Japanese mobile games, you can create a one-time code for your account. Input this code in another device to load the account. Your account will then “disappear” from the previous device, which is why this is also termed account transferring.

Important things to note:

  • The code is only valid for 7 days once generated. Keying it on the 8th day will give you an error; don’t make that mistake.
  • You will also get an error if you try to reuse that same code (yes, that’s what one-time means but it bears repeating).
  • You can only transfer an account two times within 30 days. I have not tried it myself but it seems it is possible to get a third code only to get an error when trying to key it in. If you have already deleted your app (which removes your account from your first device), you can try keying it again when the 30 days are up. It should transfer over then (untested) if the code is younger than 7 days.
  • If transferring an account between different OS (Android to iOS or vice versa), the rainbow coins you are holding will be reset to zero. Make sure to spend all your coins before doing such a move. The coins in giftbox should be safe (untested).
  • There is no other way to retrieve a lost account at the moment. It is best to create a code as backup every 7 days and record it somewhere else in case your device is suddenly lost or damaged.


Go to Others (Book) > Change device, and then the 4th button on the left column to bind to SNS/get a PIN. The PIN will be a string of characters and numbers in red.

Click on Support (yellow button) on the title screen and choose the following options and proceed till you get to a screen with the options “Facebook” and “Twitter”. Choose the last option to input your PIN. You will be prompted to restart your app after your code input. The app on your previous device, if you still have the app, needs to be restarted as well.



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50 Responses

  1. Na_Fai says:

    I no have a code how to login my id

  2. Na_Fai says:

    Pls help me i want to play my old id

  3. Onur says:

    can i transfer my acc (in jp server) to global ver. ? i bound my jp acc with fb

  4. Fani says:

    Anyone know how to transfer your account with the new settings???

  5. Xavier says:

    How do I get a Japanese account if I’m global already

  6. Elideth says:

    i have an UK app, and I could not transfer my account, because it doesn’t give me a number, just show a screen with the warning and then an “OK” button

    • Shu says:

      I guess you mean global server. Shouldn’t there be instructions in English? I’m not sure why you don’t get a number, sorry. It works fine here.

  7. vyctot says:

    I have a serious problem that is affecting my gameplay in the game, I did the bakup in the game, but then he got the characters I already had, so that’s fine, but he turned my lvl to lvl 1, I was lvl 28, and agr lvl 1, but then decide to go all over again, but then that’s the problem, when I move from lvl there are those rewards to pick up, but since I’ve already gotten this reward, the game does not let me I get it again and it’s an internt error, but I do not want to get back what I want and get the skills you get when you play 3 times with the characters in the event, then I can not get those skills, so I’m only I have weak skill, do you have any solution? Please answer me 🙁

    • Shu says:

      I’m not sure what you mean. You sound like you’re playing on the same account, but it’s back to level 1 for some reason? It’s unheard of and I have no solutions. If it’s a modded apk, discard it and start a new one on the official app.

      • vyctot says:

        The application and the official, but what I mean and why I can not get the skill of the missions of the event, because I went back to lvl 1, and it shows all the rewards that I had already collected before for passing lvl, hj lock my Game, wanted to know if there is any solution ??

  8. Nicky says:

    Pls help me i want to play my old id
    Id name :: Saga

  9. ReiZok says:

    Shu comment jfai pour reprendre mon compte stp

  10. ReiZok says:

    Mon compte a etai supp puisque mon telephone etai en reparation

  11. ReiZok says:

    Pardon de mon impolitesse Shu j’ai un sacré problème j’ai fait réparé mon téléphone qui avait OPTS JAP qui marché avec merveille mais lorsqu’il était de retour mon appli était la mais pas mon compte alors je vous demande svp Shu n’y a t’il vraiment aucun moyen que je récupère mon compte svp !? Je n’ai pas envie de recommencer depuis le début !

  12. ReiZok says:

    Merci d’avance !

  13. ReiZok says:

    Shu Fr or English ?

  14. ReiZok says:

    Forgiveness of my rudeness Shu I have a damn problem I made repaired my phone that had OPTS JAP that walked with wonder but I was back I do not know if I am answering y’a it really No way i get my account please !? I do not want to start again from the beginning!

    • Shu says:

      Hi ReiZok. No worries about your English.
      You had to reinstall OPTS after phone repair? Did you bind to Facebook or Twitter or used the OTP ( Or any iCloud backup you can try (if iPhone)? If you don’t have any of the above, I think your account is lost, sorry 🙁

      • Silat says:

        So I linked my account to Facebook – can you tell me where to sign in? I went to the place where I linked the account but I’m worried if I click on the red button it will unbind (i.e. bind the new account) to my FB and not keep this one.

        • Shu says:

          At the title screen, tap the yellow button on top left (besides player ID). Choose the first button on the right, then proceed, you’ll see a menu with Facebook and Twitter. If it’s a new/reset phone, there should not be any account linked at that moment. (If your account is already on that phone then yes it will unbind). Click on the social media you used to bind, and you will ‘sign in’ and load that OPTS account linked to it (after restarting app).

      • ReiZok says:

        No problem thanks Shu

  15. ReiZok says:

    Sorry i not seak good english

  16. HelpME says:

    May i ask that if i lost my account but i already purchased so many times by itune gift card (jap) Is that impossible to get back my account?
    I hv id number in game because my second phone were friend with the lost account.
    I hv apple id which i purchased itune gift card
    Is there anyway to get my account back
    However i already sent email to ask for help but they ans back to support only in JAP language.Thx

    • Shu says:

      I know other players who also paid for coins and lost their accounts, and emailed in Japanese, but it seems no one got their accounts back. The reply was always something like: we have warned you to take precautions by binding or OTP, and if you did neither, we cannot help you get the account back.

  17. Kreysan says:

    Hello, I lost my phone so I no longer have access to my account, what can I do to recover my account please.

  18. nav says:

    Give me step for bind accounting
    Server global

  19. Jaythegamer says:

    Is there a way to change in game name??? (Global)

  20. Ranz says:

    I have a problem when i linking to my facebook account, all my characters that i collect and build up has all gone, my scene cards, my skill, my level back to level 10. How did this happen?? Any solution?? Please help me..

    • Shu says:

      It sounds like you didn’t link correctly, and loaded a new/different account instead. There’s no solution unless your account was correctly linked to another facebook account.

  21. Lim says:


    My device is spoiled this morning, means i could not generate the one time code, what should i do to get back my account?

  22. Gia says:

    Please help. I can’t enter to the game, Chopper run forever, “loading”. How can I download the data again without deleting the game? Before I could fix this with “delete cache” in the left corner, but now there is no options in the screen.

  23. Bosco says:

    Hi, I delete my account by accident. Do you have the email address so that I can email to retrieve my account back? I make purchases before

    • Belix says:

      Hi Bosco, if you did not bind your account previously before deleting, it’s permanently gone, sorry.

      ETA: You can try sending an email via the “お問い合わせ” option as shown in the screencaps above in post (either method is fine). The email will have to be in Japanese and does not guarantee success – in fact, haven’t heard of anyone succeed so far.

  24. Amb says:

    Hi, I recently got a new phone and I transferred my Jap account to the new phone, however carrier company messed up and I had to return the new phone, so if I switch it back to my old phone and I get a new phone I would best wait after 30 days to transfer it to the new phone just to be safe? Hope my question is not too confusing. Thanks

    • Shu says:

      If you must use the one time code, then yes wait 30 days to be safe since you just transferred 2 times.

      I suggest you just bind to FB/Twitter/Line (steps here), and you don’t have to wait. There is no limit if you use this method as many players have tested.

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