Hello fellow… Stormers. We interrupt your stream of translation of boring, official news to bring you the exciting conclusion to the topic of the New World: “What is this Ace’s Hiken secret???”

You want my answer? You can have it! I left it all in that pl–



Ahem. Alright mates, you can have it, for real:

Ace’s Hiken very simply doubles, as some of you may have caught in the screenshots. That’s all there is to it. You don’t have to do anything to make it happen. It just does, if you care to record every Hiken to prove or disprove it. Just look at the ratio of the SA PWR stats, and the actual damage.

Kuma -135k PWR : 75k dmg

Ace – 83k PWR : 35k+35k dmg

Officially, Hiken (only referring to Ace’s, in this post) is a 130,000 PWR (at max level) Special Attack. This is nothing special at the time. Kizaru, who was released on the same day, has 145,000 PWR for his first SA (for lack of Burn). Yet it was clear any Ace with Hiken was melting every boss with no effort back in June 2016. Soon, some discerning players discovered the double hit, and someone and maybe 27 others emailed Bamco for answers. “Is this a bug? Are you going to fix it?” Now, we never saw the exchange or email, so we don’t know anything, but Usopp swears that Bamco replied “there is no bug”. So Hiken, aka ‘fire fist’, is actually a double punch, by design! Bet you didn’t know that (neither did we). Sabo’s isn’t double-punch, by the way. Hmm.

Jokes aside, some of you may know about the strict laws governing gacha in Japan. If you don’t, do your own research. Someone that is not us once theorized ,”what if someone made a SA overpowered by mistake, and players already pulled, some using Coins purchased by real money, and have been using it, and maybe pulled even more after seeing how good it is. Wouldn’t it be a riot if they said ‘sorry guys i’m going to halve that thing you’re using because oops’? Or how about you roll back everything and piss off people who grinded for hours?”

Wild theories aside, the fact is that Ace’s 260,000 130,000 PWR Hiken is just the way it is. It wasn’t changed in June and most likely won’t ever be, on JP.

We’re honestly not sure what’s happening in other servers, who even runs them, and what laws govern their gacha. All we’ve heard is that different servers can and have done things differently. So no, we weren’t teasing the secret for the lulz– ok maybe, just a little— but we have a policy to be of minimum influence on all other Hikens around the world. May they all burn as brightly as JP’s, and even if they don’t, it’s not because of some wild stories that you didn’t hear from us. If you’ve listened to all the Hiken-fanboying around here and grabbed some of your own, you haven’t missed out on anything, anyway.


P.S. We’ve edited the ranking post to be teasing-free.

P.P.S. RIP 250,000 PWR Entei. You would have been appreciated and welcomed as a vast improvement despite your limitations, if Hiken isn’t Hiken.

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