8 Million Downloads Campaign Gacha & Toughest Event

As part of the 8 million downloads celebrations, OPTS will have a special pick up step-up gacha featuring the following 4 pick-up characters:

  • Hancock
  • Law (NW)
  • Rayleigh
  • Jinbei

This gacha will have higher rates than usual for the skills and SAs of the pick-up characters.

Step-up details:

  1. 5 cards for 20 coins. Guaranteed one 4* skill (or 4*/5* SA) card of a random pick-up character
  2. 7 cards for 30 coins. Guaranteed two 4* skill (or 4*/5* SA) card of a random pick-up character
  3. 10 cards for 40 coins. Guaranteed one 5* SA card of a random pick-up character

After the above three steps, there will be no guarantee, but each multi-pull will cost only 40 rainbow coins.

A Toughest Event – Trail of Adventure – will start on 26 May 15:00 and end on 17 June 23:59. There are various rewards for beating each level. Super Advanced levels 1 and 2 will reward victorious players with high stat cards and 6* evolve material.

Storm Characters for Super Advanced level 1:

  • Doflamingo
  • Sugar

Storm Characters for Super Advanced level 2:

  • Hancock
  • Jinbei
  • Law (NW)
  • Rayleigh

Storm Characters will receive a boost in HP and Attack when used in the specific stages. Alternate costumes of the same characters are also Storm Characters.

The Storm Faction for each level is different. Make sure to check the Storm Faction when the event begins.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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11 Responses

  1. bidoof says:

    Kizaru is insanely hard

    • Dave says:

      There must be something wrong with Kizaru. He takes half damage from every source and has tons of HP. Either it is a mistake in his stats or the recommended Power Level is completely wrong.
      When I tried it we were >210k average power; two times Blackbeard/Kuzan and I was Boa/Kalifa. He was down to about 60% when the other two died due to the neverending flow of cannoneers. After that, I just practiced evading him and found out that you could pretty much shut him down 80% of the time just by using Boa’s petrification (given that you’re lucky enough that not a single skill misses). Stunning him with Kalifa’s special also works wonders.

      It’s definitely possible to beat him by consequently shutting him down that way, but the gunners are definitely a major obstacle. Also: while practicing, there were only two of those cannoneers left and no further cannoneer spawned until I quit (about 1.5 minutes). So either they don’t spawn indefinitely, or the spawns are limited to two at a time after a while.

      Well, I hope that this is just a mistake and his stats will be fixed.

  2. waddedi says:

    Kizaru was good to beat for me but the time was actually not enough xD i used a coin and we beat him ^^

  3. AleMustDie says:

    They are insane.
    I’m fu*k*ng tired of this. 138k where? Bah. Unacceptable
    Kizaru is a beast. We were all over 200k and just taken out 1/6 of his HP.

    Also tried with 2 Jinbe 177k and not even did him a scratch…

    This is just for who want to spend 2, 3 coins and win with that and a good Team.

  4. bidoof says:

    I beat him second try 🙂

  5. Rensso says:

    I dont know if its luck or something but i beat kizaru on the second try with Luffy/ace (pirate coat) 155k/123k ._. So…

  6. tim says:

    who is 3 best chat atm ?
    with best I mean worth getting SA to max

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