7 Million Downloads Campaign

OPTS Japan has been downloaded more than 7 million times! Some exciting things are coming up in celebration of the occasion.

1. Special Login Bonus

Login a total of 10 days between 17 Feb 05:00 to 8 Mar 04:59 to receive a total of 50 rainbow coins!

2. Rainbow Coins Sale

Prices of some Rainbow Coins sets will be discounted from 17 Feb 15:00 to 27 Feb 23:59.

3. 7M DL Special Event – Trail of Adventure

In Trail of Adventure (17 Feb 15:00 to 27 Feb 23:59), there will be 5 islands ranging from Beginner level to Super Advanced level. Defeat the super tough bosses of each island for great rewards! Some of the first-time clear rewards are:

Clear Beginner level for character medals of Whitebeard Pirates, and All-Medals.

Clear Intermediate level for Beli and Food cards.

Clear Advanced level for Faction Evo Card(s).

Clear both Super Advanced levels for 2 of the past strongest stat cards. Players who clear these levels will also have their name displayed on the OPTS website for a period.

Super Advanced level #1

There are also mission rewards for using selected characters to clear the stages here. This may refer to Kid, Drake, and a character who has yet to appear, as they are the Storm Characters for this island.

Super Advanced level #2

Storm Characters are the Whitebeard Pirates, and a character who has yet to appear.

4. 7M DL Special Gacha

17 Feb 15:00 to 27 Feb 23:59

Whitebeard Pirates Step-Up Gacha is coming! The pickup characters are: Whitebeard, Marco, Ace, Jozu and Vista. The Steps are as follow:

Step 1 – 5 cards for 20 coins. Guaranteed one 4* (or above) Skill card of a pickup character.

Step 2 – 7 cards for 30 coins. Guaranteed two 4* (or above) Skill cards of a pickup character.

Step 3 – 10 cards for 40 coins. Guaranteed one 5* Special card of a pickup character.

Step 4 onwards – no bonus.

Note: The 5* card of Enkai (Ace’s Mode Change) is not part of the guaranteed bonus.

5. 7M DL Web Mission

As a community, if players reach the target of the missions on the OPTS webpage, all players will receive the corresponding rewards.

Momugi: As usual, we will not be covering web missions as it should not affect your gameplay or the community rewards.

6. Guaranteed 5* Special Card!

There will be a special one-time bonus in the gacha of the Character Faction Medal Event scheduled to begin on 21 Feb. For one time only, you can get a guaranteed 5* Special card by playing the gacha.

7. Increased Drop Rate of Evo Materials

In the event beginning on 21 Feb, drop rates of certain evo materials will be boosted.


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13 Responses

  1. Player03 says:

    Is it possible to farm medals of the listed character´s ?


    • Shu says:

      The phrasing in the announcement isn’t very clear tbh.

      Probably no, because it’s not a farming event, but a challenge.

      If the character medals drop rate is poor in this event, it may be better to farm All-Medals in the Special hour of the Kid and X Drake event.

  2. Hiken says:

    Can we get banned if we use a modded apk ?

  3. AleMustDie says:

    I managed to finish the third Island. The Level 100 I mean.
    And… Only made over 5.000.000 . Party Member 1 over 10.000.000 Party Member 2 only 2.000.000. I think the Team was balanced… More or less.

    Anyway. the Time was 3:55… so I need to finish in 3:30 to get those Diamonds?…

    I’m too weak. I have Enel at 136k . And Mamaragan Level 5. Also I lost my previous Account with Shanks Special’s Lvl 5…
    So my second option is Wiper. with only 125k and Reject Level 5.

    I need more power XD

  4. Chub says:

    Woke up this morning excited for this event – thinking there was a way to farm medals for all of the WB pirates – nope, only gives you 10 medals for each of them and then need to spend all medals to get them to 6* with no way to max their luck.

    Maps to farm their skills have low treasure chest drop rate as well, will take forever to max their skills on this event.

    The last 2 islands are level 200 starting quests – even the long time elites will probably have a challenge doing this one. Fully expected on my part but still lol.

    Proceed to gatcha on the WB pirate banner – don’t do it. Trap gatcha event to spend before anniversary – perhaps it was my bad luck but the pulls were fairly poor overall.

    Overall – something is better than nothing but this event turned out to be underwhelming to celebrate 7 mil downloads.

    • Shu says:

      I don’t need the medals, but I agree it was an… odd choice for a ‘celebration’. They should just do a farming event rather than a set of challenging quests. This is better suited as an upgraded Toughest Event or something; so players can strive to beat this new difficulty as a goal.

      On the other hand at least it gives newer players a chance to get a 6* WB pirates unit. At least, I’m still sitting on 900+ All-Medals from just doing some Special Hour quests, the occasional Great Hunt quests, and ranking somewhere in the Fame event lol. Max luck can wait for the event rerun; just stick them as a sub with another max luck unit as the main.

      Let’s just hope the anniv celebrations are better xD

  5. kidthief says:

    last 2 island its a lvl250 quest
    you need 20k+ cp ace/white beard + chopper to clear within 10mins

    • Chub says:

      Most of the teams i saw on youtube have been WB and chopper… 17k though on average so this dynamic duo might be more forgiving i guess.

      The event is mainly aimed at the “elites” imo – looks very challenging

  6. Shah says:

    Do we need to clear both 250 Lvl difficulty for our name to be displayed on the web?

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