OPTS Japan has been downloaded more than 7 million times! Some exciting things are coming up in celebration of the occasion.

1. Special Login Bonus

Login a total of 10 days between 17 Feb 05:00 to 8 Mar 04:59 to receive a total of 50 rainbow coins!

2. Rainbow Coins Sale

Prices of some Rainbow Coins sets will be discounted from 17 Feb 15:00 to 27 Feb 23:59.

3. 7M DL Special Event – Trail of Adventure

In Trail of Adventure (17 Feb 15:00 to 27 Feb 23:59), there will be 5 islands ranging from Beginner level to Super Advanced level. Defeat the super tough bosses of each island for great rewards! Some of the first-time clear rewards are:

Clear Beginner level for character medals of Whitebeard Pirates, and All-Medals.

Clear Intermediate level for Beli and Food cards.

Clear Advanced level for Faction Evo Card(s).

Clear both Super Advanced levels for 2 of the past strongest stat cards. Players who clear these levels will also have their name displayed on the OPTS website for a period.

Super Advanced level #1

There are also mission rewards for using selected characters to clear the stages here. This may refer to Kid, Drake, and a character who has yet to appear, as they are the Storm Characters for this island.

Super Advanced level #2

Storm Characters are the Whitebeard Pirates, and a character who has yet to appear.

4. 7M DL Special Gacha

17 Feb 15:00 to 27 Feb 23:59

Whitebeard Pirates Step-Up Gacha is coming! The pickup characters are: Whitebeard, Marco, Ace, Jozu and Vista. The Steps are as follow:

Step 1 – 5 cards for 20 coins. Guaranteed one 4* (or above) Skill card of a pickup character.

Step 2 – 7 cards for 30 coins. Guaranteed two 4* (or above) Skill cards of a pickup character.

Step 3 – 10 cards for 40 coins. Guaranteed one 5* Special card of a pickup character.

Step 4 onwards – no bonus.

Note: The 5* card of Enkai (Ace’s Mode Change) is not part of the guaranteed bonus.

5. 7M DL Web Mission

As a community, if players reach the target of the missions on the OPTS webpage, all players will receive the corresponding rewards.

Momugi: As usual, we will not be covering web missions as it should not affect your gameplay or the community rewards.

6. Guaranteed 5* Special Card!

There will be a special one-time bonus in the gacha of the Character Faction Medal Event scheduled to begin on 21 Feb. For one time only, you can get a guaranteed 5* Special card by playing the gacha.

7. Increased Drop Rate of Evo Materials

In the event beginning on 21 Feb, drop rates of certain evo materials will be boosted.

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