7 March Patch Notes

Besides the major changes previewed here, there are some minor changes in OPTS:

  1. All players get a login bonus of a 4* Gear 4th (Lv1 SA) and 100 NW Luffy medals to celebrate the major update, if they login before 20 March 2017 23:59.
  2. Private plaza codes are now 7 digits.
  3. One-Time Transfer Codes are back in OPTS Japan again.
  4. Rainbow Coin sale from 8 March 0:00 to 14 March 23:59. Some coin packs are discounted, or bundled with freebies like Hiluluk cards.
  5. Commemorative login bonus from 8 March 0:00 to 22 March 04:59 that includes All-Medals and a total of 10 Rainbow Coins.
  6. A Twitter campaign starting on 10 March 0:00 where if the target number of tweets are hit, everyone will get another special login bonus phase.
  7. A poll campaign on OPTS official Line account starting on 13 March 15:00. Depending on the poll results, all players will receive a 4* Special of a certain character.


Sardonic homebody stuck with an alien fungi and robot avian. Tries to ignore both. Failing.

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14 Responses

  1. Frenchie's says:

    I don’t know for what, i can’t play
    I just see this

  2. Frenchie's says:

    I’ve a problem i can’t play, i just see this

  3. AleMustDie says:

    What the hell just happened? I lost some Rainbow Coins!
    Logged and I lost 3 coins…. then logged again after earned 33. Then 33->26


  4. mojo says:

    wow now as u said that i checked mine aswell and i lost 2 rainbow coins so far…
    im afraid.

  5. Ori says:

    I lost coins too when I log back……lost 10 coins. This is the exact opposite of super cool

  6. mojo says:

    so i just logged back in on both accs and i lost on one acc another 6 coins and on the other 7 coins.
    hope they gonna fix that asap and hopefully we get a refund

  7. mojo says:

    somehow i didnt get that hiluluk cards or the all star coins after buying theese promoted packs, can you help me? are there any special requirements?

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