6-Million-Download Campaign!

OPTS has hit 6 million downloads and there are some exciting things coming up to celebrate!

1. 6-coin gacha


The gacha for the event “What’s wrong with him!“, starting 13 October, will feature a one-time only gacha that costs only 6 rainbow coins to play for 11 cards. Furthermore, this gacha will contain only Ambusher and Vanguard type cards.

All players will also be gifted 6 coins when the event starts.

2. Seaking cards during Chracter Medal Event

Bronze and silver Seaking cards will drop during the event “What’s wrong with him!”, making it easier for you to reach your evolution goals.

3. Increased food card drop rate


The drop rate of food cards will be increased in the next event. Who do you think the next event characters are.

4. Login Bonus of 50 coins

A special login bonus will begin on 21 October, lasting for 10 days, where players will get a total of 50 rainbow coins, just for logging in.

5. Coin Present Campaign

There will be 2 Coin Present Campaigns held:
1. 21 Oct 05:00 ~ 26 Oct 04:59
2. 29 Oct 05:00 ~ 2 Nov 04:59

During the Campaigns, there will be a lucky draw for selected winners to walk away with rainbow coins. A total of 60,000 rainbow coins will be given out in the 2 present campaigns. To qualify for the lucky draw, simply complete the 6m-download-campaign mission “play a stage in multiplayer mode” during the campaign period.

6. Guaranteed 4* Skill Card Gacha


From 22 Oct to 31 Oct, a special gacha will be launched, where each play will cost only 20 coins for 5 cards, and 1 of the the cards is guaranteed to be a 4* Skill card! You can only play it up to 3 times.

7. Half-stamina-cost event stages

The event beginning on 31st October will cost only half the usual stamina to play. There will also be a new feature appearing in this event. Look out for updates!


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